The Dispensation to establish the Lodge at Montague was issued in October 1883 by M.W.Bro. John Yeo, Grand Master. The petitioners were Angus MacPhail, Duncan MacDonald, Nathaniel MacLaren, Charles D. Poole, Matthew Brehaut, James Robertson, James MacKenzie, James MacLeod, Edmund MacLeod, Matthew Wickwire and Duncan Crawford. The Lodge operated ‘Under Dispensation’ until June 25, 1884 when Grand Lodge approved a Charter for Saint Andrew’s No. 13.

The First Communication ‘Under Dispensation’ was on November 5, 1883. The first Officers of the Lodge were in their Stations but the Minutes do not contain an account of any business transacted. At the second Communications three applications for membership were accepted. The petitioners were John D. Bell, Lauchlan McLean and John McLean. On March 31, 1884 those three candidates became the first Brethren raised in Saint Andrew’s Lodge. (MacLaren, p. 84) W.Bro. Neill Campbell of Victoria Lodge No. 2 acted as Worshipful Master on that occasion. At the same Communication the Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred on Daniel F. MacDonald who in 1908 became the first member from the Lodge to be elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island.

On April 7, 1884 an offer of $20 for the Jewels, Aprons and Collars of King Solomon Lodge No. 9 in Charlottetown was accepted by W.Bro. William Aitken, a Charter Member of that Lodge which had gone into darkness in 1883. One of the original Collars which has survived two fires is beautifully displayed in a case under glass in the Ante Room at Saint Andrew’s. The display was a gift from Bro. John Buchanan.

The Lodge was particularly active in the first months of its existence. The Grand Secretary reported that he had received the Minute Book from the Lodge and that between October 1883 and April 30,1884 twenty-one Communications were held and twenty-three Degrees including five Master Mason Degrees were conferred. The Lodge reported fifteen Master Masons on the Roll in its first Annual Return. (Proceedings, 1884, pp. 9-12) Thirty-one Degrees were conferred in the following year and the membership increased to twenty-three.