The Official Visitation by representatives of Grand Lodge on July 7, 1884 was an historic occasion for the Lodge. The Charter was presented and the first slate of Officers were installed. R.W.Bro. George W. Wakeford DGM, M.W.Bro. Adam Murray, PDGM and V.W.Bro. Simon Crabbe PJGW were present. The principal Officers installed were

Worshipful Master Bro. Angus MacPhail
Senior Warden Bro. Nathaniel MacLaren
Junior Warden Bro. Duncan MacDonald

Bro. MacPhail later moved to Duluth, Minnesota. He returned to Montague in 1914 and the Brethren honoured him as their first Worshipful Master by presenting a Past Master’s Jewel and an Address of welcome. (Minutes, November 2, 1914) Bro. MacLaren served as Worshipful Master in 1886 and was presented with a Past Master’s Jewel in 1912. The Jewel was donated to the Lodge in 1964 by M.W. Bro. Douglas D. MacLaren PGM and the Secretary was instructed to have it framed and displayed in the Lodge Room. (Minutes, March 2, 1964)

The first Lodge Room for the Brethren was located in a building on Main Street owned by C.D. Bell, a tinsmith. (MacLaren p. 2) Kings Auto Parts Ltd.( # 36 Main Street) is presently located on the site. The building was a two-storey, wood-frame structure located near the street. (PARO, Acc. 4538, Insurance Plan of Montague Map, 1888, prepared by Underwriters Survey Bureau Ltd.) C.D. Bell’s name does not appear in the records of the Lodge as a member but John D. Bell, a Montague tinsmith, was one of the first candidates to be raised in the Lodge and was listed in 1889-90 in Frederick’s Directory (p. 449) as the proprietor of Montague Tin and Stove Store.

Mr. Bell built the first stove for the Lodge Room. The total cost of the stove, fittings and one year’s rent was $68.62 (Minutes, April 7, 1884). Initially the annual rent was $40 but negotiations led to a reduction to $30 in subsequent years. In 1887 when negotiations were held to arrange a five-year lease, the Minutes state that Bro. Bell was present and agreed to accept $30 as annual rent for each of five years. (Minutes, November 7, 1887) The five-year lease agreement was renewed in 1892.

Because the Minutes for the period 1894-1906 are missing, it is difficult to know when the Lodge Room moved across Main Street to the MacLean Building. Bro. John D. Bell deceased in 1908. at the age of fifty-five The Minutesof 1910 indicate that rent was being paid to Bro. Daniel MacLean. He was a merchant whose store was on the lot where Alfred Fraser’s Law Office is presently located. Bro. MacLean also owned the adjacent two-storey building that still stands at # 11-17 Main Street. The building originally housed a ‘Sample Room’ in the lower level. Saint Andrew’s Lodge rented the second level. (PARO, Acc. 4458, Insurance Plan of Montague Map, 1922, prepared by Underwriters Survey Bureau Ltd.) The building presently houses Campbell’s Gifts and Novelties on the lower level and two apartments on the second level.