Charlottetown, PE

Chartered by the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland 16 December 1863, Registry Number 100

Chartered by the Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia 4, June 1878

Ten regular convocations per year

First Thursday of every month except July and August at 7:30 p.m.

at the Masonic Temple, 204 Hillsboro St., Charlottetown ( South of Euston St., between University Ave and Weymouth St,)

Membership : Approx. 78 members  drawn from 7 Craft Lodge in Wheatley River, Charlottetown (2), Eldon, Montague, Georgetown and Souris

CONTACT:   Alexandra Chapter No. 11, R.N.S.

Christopher R. Vessey, Secretary

86 Lower Malpeque Road

Charlottetown, PE C1E 1R4

Tel 902-368-3266   E-mail:

Alexandra Chapter No. 11, R.N.S.

Officers 2015-2016

Most Excellent High Priest – Ex. Comp.Donald R. Rodd

Excellent King – Comp. Douglas Graves

Excellent Scribe – V Ex Comp Heber B. Ross

Treasurer – V. Ex. Comp. Shadi Sahely

Secretary – R. Ex. Comp. Christopher R. Vessey

Archivist – R .Ex. Comp. Charles S. Graves

Chaplain – TBA

Captain of the Host – Comp.  Michael Learie

Principal Sojourner -V Ex Comp Geoffrey J.T. Mondoux.

Royal Arch Captain – Comp. Julian Reyes

Master 3rd Veil – Comp. Paul Aitken

Master 2nd Veil – Ex Comp Douglas j.  Morton

Master 1st Veil – V Ex Comp Nelson G. Hurry

Organist – M. Ex. Comp. George I. H. Mason

Tyler – Comp Charles Carr