MW Bro David E.R. Haslam


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Grand Master’s Address

Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Prince Edward Island:

It is an honour and privilege to assume the Grand East of Island Masonry and serve in this capacity amongst my Brothers. I congratulate those who were elected or appointed as Grand Lodge Officers for 2020-2021. When conditions permit, there will be a formal ceremony of installation. It will be most enjoyable to again gather in our Blue Lodges and Concordant Bodies and resume Masonic activities in our buildings and communities. It would be amiss to not mention the absence of the esteemed guests from the Canadian and American Jurisdictions. Their visit is most missed and fraternal best wishes are extended.

This coming year I plan to build upon those foundations laid by my predecessor, MW Bro Douglas J. Morton. Preparations for the spring 2025 celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Prince Edward Island will continue. As well, all constituent Lodges will be further encouraged to build on the Island tradition of proficient ritual and degree presentation.

These are highly unusual times as our Lodges remain closed indefinitely following provincial safety protocols. Yet, it brings a clear focus on how much we enjoy sharing knowledge and bringing new brothers within the walls of the Temple. Working together harmoniously with a common purpose is one of our greatest strengths and the basis of the chosen theme for this year, Building the Bonds of Brotherhood. As one band of brothers let us plan our re-opening with renewed enthusiasm and zeal for our core tenants of Benevolence, Truth and Brotherly Love.

Masonry continues to have broad base appeal to many men in society today. Men of any age or tradition continue to petition our Fraternity. They are seeking a fraternal way to grow inwardly and contribute externally. Dr. Albert G. Mackey defined the “Shock of Enlightenment” as that change of condition where intellectual light is born and intellectual darkness dispersed. The attributes of a Mason are very real and life lasting. Masons greet with a smile and lend support to those with burdens. We can easily vouch to a brother’s character and aspire to become better and more enlightened men together. This period of rest within the jurisdiction can be an opportunity to reinvigorate the flame and inspire those seeking or newly joined to knock and with patience learn.

I wish to thank the Brethren of Mount Zion Lodge No.12 and the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island for their support and encouragement through the various steps to this office as Grand Master. Although the greatest elevation in Masonry always remains that of becoming a Master Mason, this is a most valued opportunity to contribute to the Masonic experience of all within Prince Edward Island.

Sincere and Fraternal best wishes to all the Brotherhood this Masonic year and I am looking forward to enjoying your company.

MW Bro David E.R. Haslam


MW Bro David E.R. Haslam Grand Master

Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.

Grand Master 2020-2021

Most Worshipful Brother David E. R. Haslam was born in Summerside P.E.I.  to parents, T. Clare and Marion (Ramsay) Haslam. He a sixth-generation farmer on the Springfield homestead founded in 1837 and has operated a mixed farm and Acadian woodlot for almost 40 years. He is proud to have his wife, Grace, and son, Thomas, working with him as they continue to diversify and farm for the future.

David obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from UPEI in 1983 with a minor in Marketing and P.E.I. History Special Studies. He is a strong believer in the Co-operative Movement and is a long serving director and Past President of the Kensington Country Store. He has also served on various commodity boards and pure-bred associations during his years while dairy farming.

He is most pleased to have been introduced to the Craft by MW Bro Carl K. Thompson in 2006 and receive his three degrees in Mount Zion Lodge No. 12, Kensington. Brother Haslam has served as Worshipful Master of his home Lodge in 2011 and 2014  and as Lodge Secretary for three years until 2019.

Together with MW Bro Rowan Caseley, they established Barret’s Cross DeMolay Chapter, Kensington in 2009. This was a most rewarding experience where DeMolay boys and Masonic advisors from Mount Zion Lodge No. 12 enjoyed numerous events and training together for three years.

David also serves as Secretary/Treasurer on the Masonic Development Corporation in Kensington. The Corporation is operated by the three local Masonic Lodges and since 1985 has offered low income housing to the community.

David is an active member of St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church, Springfield. He is a long serving warden and treasurer of the Haslam pioneer Church.

Most Worshipful Brother David E.R. Haslam is honoured and privileged to serve as Grand Master of Prince Edward Island for 2020-21. He was installed by the authority vested in the Grand Lodge at the virtual 145th Annual Communication held on June 13, 2020.