MW Bro D. Michael Learie


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Grand Master’s Address

Most Worshipful Immediate Past Grand Master of Freemasons of Prince Edward Island, Most Worshipful Brother David Haslam,  Past Grand Masters and brethren all.

I am both grateful and humbled to assume the office of Grand Master of Prince Edward Island while being fully aware of the immense responsibilities placed upon me by the brothers within this jurisdiction. It is a sobering experience to step into an office which echoes the past achievements of brothers who have preceded us in this office.

I wish to thank Most Worshipful Brother David Hooper and his installation team of Past Grand Masters for their exemplary conduct in orchestrating today’s ceremony. The time and effort accorded to this event by the brothers present will always be appreciated by myself and Most Worshipful Brother Haslam.

I am also grateful to those of you who have accepted their elected or appointed positions within the Grand Lodge and look forward to working with you all during the ensuing year. I offer a special thanks to our Most Worshipful Immediate Past Grand Master, David Haslam, for his leadership as he shepherded us through the difficulties of this past year. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our Grand Secretary, Right Worshipful Brother John Murphy for his for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Craft. And finally, I wish to acknowledge the support and encouragement of my mother lodge, St. John’s Lodge No. 1.

Looking forward to the future of Freemasonry in Prince Edward Island, it is not an understatement to say that we face many challenges as we find ourselves faced with an uncertain future. Now more than ever the world needs men of honour and integrity. Men that unite and not those who divide. That seek the truth and share brotherly love with all no matter their race, religion, gender or creed. Men that live with virtue and character, always striving to be better.

The world needs more than just men. The world needs Masons. Yet I am not here to focus on the fact that we need to attract more brothers, that we need to get back to basics, that we may have lost our way or focus, or that we need to better men in order to inspire others to seek Masonic truth – all these approaches have been discussed in the past by others standing here as I am today.  All those ideas raised by my predecessors are correct and worthy of pursuit.

My focus as Grand Master will be one of contraction rather than expansion. Many have seen the future of Freemasonry as one of adding brothers to maintain at least the status quo.  My approach is to accept that our losses will continue and that we now need to focus on containment and consolidation.

Therefore, if I am to have a theme it is to “Redefine as we Decline”.

We need to redefine and reimagine our presence here on the Island – it can no longer be one of “a lodge in every community” but one of “a community for every Mason”. This approach requires to stop perceiving this as a problem of individual lodges and focus on the decline of Freemasonry as an Island problem – we need to approach the future strategically and not continue with the modus operandi of “whistling past the graveyard”. We are currently idling at the crossroads of our future wondering which road to take. We have been idling long enough and need to shift into gear and choose a direction. For example St. John’s Lodge No. 1 and Victoria Lodge No. 2  decision to sell the Masonic Temple building in Charlottetown.

In closing, I want to affirm my belief and the tenets of Freemasonry and share my optimism, that we will rise to the challenges that face us and work together to bring about the changes needed to ensure our beloved fraternity has a future.

I want to thank all those present for your attendance here today and for your continuing commitment to your Grand Lodge.  Take care of yourselves and each other and may you always meet up on the level, act


Most Worshipful Brother D. Michael Learie was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland to James and Rose Learie. His father was a member of St. Andrew’s Lodge no. 13 of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and held the rank of Junior Warden when he passed at the age of 41 years.

Michael graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1991 eventually raising his two girls Heather & Grace with his wife Lynn in British Columbia before moving to Prince Edward Island. He has been working in the field of audiology for almost 30 years, eventually opening his own practice on the island in 2009.

He began his Masonic journey via his sponsor VW Bro Jack Smallwood and was initiated February 07, 2009 and raised May 19, 2009 in St. John’s Lodge No. 1 in Charlottetown.  MW Bro Learie served as Worshipful Master of his home lodge in 2014 and shortly after serving as its secretary, as well as serving as President of the Island Shrine Club.

Michael also serves as President of Temple Company and as Chair of the Bursaries and Scholarships Committee which is annually awarded, by St. John’s Lodge No. 1. Outside of lodge he is a member of Toastmasters International, having participated in his local club as a mentor and past president as well as an award-winning contestant in a number of international speech competitions.

Most Worshipful Brother D. Michael Learie considers it an honour and privilege to have served as the Grand Master of Prince Edward Island for 2021-22, having been installed by the authority vested in the Grand Lodge at the 146th Annual Communication held on June 12th, 2021.