MW Bro Douglas J. Morton, Grand Master


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Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. It is a fraternity of men who desire to make their lives better and to do what is right in the world. While Freemasonry is not a religion, it is religious in that it encourages all its members to be faithful and true to their religious beliefs.

Freemasonry encourages all Masons to respect all religions and has three guiding principles – Faith, Hope and Charity.

Grand Master’s Address

Most Worshipful Immediate Past Grand Master of Freemasons in Prince Edward Island, Most Worshipful Brother R. Gordon Carter, Past Grand Masters, Our Visitors in the Distinguished East, Brethren all, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I humbly accept this great honour which has been  bestowed upon me by being elected your Grand Master. It is a privilege and distinction I could never have imagined attaining when I started my Masonic journey a number of years ago. I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me as I assume my new responsibilities.

At this point, I would like to thank Most Worshipful Brother David Hooper, PGM, and his team of Past Grand Masters for conducting today’s installation. This ceremony requires dedication, commitment and meticulous planning each year.

To our Distinguished Guests, thank you for your presence today. I am very pleased that you chose to attend the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island.

I would also like to personally thank all those individuals who have accepted their election or appointment to a Grand Lodge Office. In particular, I wish to offer a sincere thank you to our Most Worshipful Immediate Past Grand Master R. Gordon Carter for the fine example he set in leading the Craft on Prince Edward Island over the course of the prior year, and to the Grand Secretary, Right Worshipful Brother John Murphy for all of his organizational efforts. To all of the Past Grand Masters who have offered their guidance and support over the past year, I thank you. It is evident that no brother stands alone.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Most Eminent Knight David P. Hardie, GCT, Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar in Canada. The Reverend Doctor Hardie is a very engaging speaker and he left us with some interesting thoughts.  To quote “it seems that over the past few decades Masonry has been in a decline. The root cause might be attributed to many factors but in the end, it boils down to the relevance of the Fraternity for a man’s life. Only by demonstrating the importance of Faith, Fidelity, Family, Fellowship, and Fraternity to the society in general and life’s experience in particular can we hope to attract men to our Fraternity and experience a meaningful growth. Each of us has to set an example of chivalrous living for the rest of society. By that example, other men might see something that they desire for their lives and in seeing may come to discover Freemasonry.”

These words of Dr Hardie expand upon the theme of our Immediate Past Grand Master of BE THE EXAMPLE. I plan to build upon these ideals by focusing my year on the concepts of BROTHERHOOD, SERVICE and INTEGRITY:

Our Fraternity is a brotherhood. No matter who we are or what our background may have been, we shared a common experience and we meet here to serve a common interest.

Service to others is one of the greatest opportunities we have to fulfill ourselves as part of the human family.

As brethren in the Craft, we demonstrate integrity by our allegiance to the Fraternity and to our Grand Lodge. As we strive to be better men, we have to be ever circumspect of our practices, be transparent as an organization as we work together to support our Grand Lodge, and more importantly, our Constituent Lodges. This means to me, and the Officers, a re-dedication to the foundational precepts of being a Mason; the commitment of time, reflective study and an adherence to the original principles of the Craft.

In terms of particular projects, two personal interests come to mind at this time. I wish to improve the quality and usability of our Grand Lodge Library and Museum. I have already spoken with our Grand Librarian Very Worshipful Brother Murray Rusk in this regard and I believe you will see some significant improvements in the near future. Our history is our foundation. The second project is to initiate the planning process for the 150th Anniversary of Grand Lodge which will happen in 2025. That date will be here before we know it. For all of us, it will be a time of reflection and celebration.

In the immediate future, I look forward to the Quarry Degree which is being planned for July. Mizpah Lodge No. 17 is conducting this innovative experience which cannot fail to generate more interest in the Craft.

To our individual constituent Lodges, remember that the Grand Lodge belongs to you and your members. In addition to my planned visits, if you wish assistance with degree ceremonies or would like the participation of Grand Lodge in any of your undertakings, please feel free to contact the Grand Secretary. As Grand Master, I pledge to be present at as many Lodge events as time permits.

I sincerely ask for your support for myself and your Grand Lodge Officers. Together we can make things happen for the better.

In closing, I wish to thank you once again for all your help over the past year, and for your ongoing commitment to your Grand Lodge in the upcoming year. Take care of yourselves and one another and have a safe journey home, always to meet upon the level, act upon the plumb, live within the compass and part upon the square.


MW Bro Douglas J. Morton, Grand Master

Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.

Grand Master 2019-2020

Most Worshipful Brother Douglas J. Morton was born September 12, 1958, in Charlottetown to Carl and Erma (MacDonald) Morton. With the exception of an early childhood spent in Nova Scotia and a four- year term in Halifax with the Council of Maritime Premiers Secretariat, Doug has lived and worked in Charlottetown.

Doug obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from UPEI in 1980 and his Professional Accounting Designation in 1985. He also holds a Diploma in Government Purchasing and Contract Administration. After a twenty-five-year career as Treasurer for the City of Charlottetown, Doug retired in 2018.

Although Doug has no direct family affiliation with Freemasonry, he has been, for a number of years, intrigued by the history and organization of the Fraternity. He first petitioned to join St John’s Lodge No. 1 (Charlottetown) late in 2005 and was raised to the Degree of Master Mason in 2006. He rose through the chairs and served as Master of the Lodge in 2012, the same year in which he was appointed to a position in the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. In addition to his Craft Lodge, Doug is also member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and several York Rite Concordant Bodies. He served as Potentate of Philae Shriners in 2015.

An avid student of military history, Doug was one of the founding members of the P.E.I. Military Sites Museum Inc. and remains on the Advisory Board of the Prince Edward Island Regiment Military Museum. In 2012, he was awarded The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his efforts in the preservation of the military history of Prince Edward Island. Other affiliations include ten years as the Treasurer of the Prince Edward Island Army Cadet League along with being the current Treasurer of the P.E.I. Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Most Worshipful Brother Doug has been married for the past thirty one years to Teresa, daughter of Thomas and Marcella (MacDonald) Ross of Mermaid.

Most Worshipful Brother Douglas J. Morton is both proud and humbled to serve as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island; he was installed as Most Worshipful Grand Master on June 8, 2019 at the 144th Annual Communication in Charlottetown, PEI.