Most Worshipful Brother
A. Stirling MacKay, PGM
Grand Lodge of
Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.;
Grand Master 1916 – 1917

Alexander Stirling Mackay was born at Clifton, New London, P. E. I. on October 2nd, 1871, of Scottish parentage and Presbyterian theology.

He received his school education at the Summerside High School, and his commercial development behind the counter, his mind early in life having been attracted to commercial pursuits.

In 1899 he became a partner in the firm of Brace & MacKay, later Brace MacKay & Co. Ltd., General Hardware Merchants, of which since the retirement of J. A. Brace he has been practically the head.

He has been always active in all local works of moral uplift or civic betterment, commercial advancement or industrial development. An untiring worker, zealous, conscientious, an active Churchman, a patriotic Citizen, a genial Friend, a good Mason.

He was made a Master Mason in Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 6 at Summerside on June 24th, 1895. (St. Johns Day.), and presided as Worshipful Master in 1904.

He was exalted to the Royal Arch in Prince Edward Chapter No 12 at Kensington on April 27th, 1908.

In the Scottish Rite he received the 14 degree Albert Edward Lodge of Perfection, Charlottetown, on Aug. 21st, 1908, the 18 degree in Charlottetown Rose Croix Chapter on Nov. 16, 1909, and the 32 degree in Prince Edward Island Consistory on Nov. 20th, 1912.

He presided in the Lodge of Perfection 1914 and Rose Croix Chapter 1914-15-16.

In the Grand Lodge he was Senior Grand Warden in 1911, Deputy Grand Master in 1915 and Grand Master in 1916.

From the Proceedings of the 41st Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island A.F. & A. M. (1916).