Most Worshipful Brother
Frank Albert VanIderstine, PGM
Grand Lodge of
Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.;
Grand Master 1962 – 1963

Frank Albert Vanlderstine, seventieth Grand Master of Masons in P. E. I., was born February 2, 1902. Following his graduation from Union Commercial College, Grand Master Vanlderstine became an accountant with the firm of Rogers Hardware Co., Ltd. until his appointment in 1950 to the position of Manager and Secretary of the Commissioners of Sewers and Water Supply, City of Charlottetown.

On August, 10th 1931, our Grand Master was united in marriage with Phoebe MacDonald of Montague, and they have one son, Chester. Frank has had the pleasure of conferring almost all the degrees of York and Scottish Rite upon his son.

He has long been active in the community and church affairs as a member of St. Pauls Anglican Church.

Maconic: Symbolic

His Masonic career began on August 12, 1924, when he was initiated an Entered Apprentice in St. Johns Lodge No. 1, A.F. & A.M., passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on September 9, 1924, and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on November 11, 1924, and Worshipful Master in 1942. He was made an Honorary Member of Victoria Lodge No. 2 in 1955. He has served on various committees of Grand Lodge until his election as Grand Secretary on June 24, 1952. He was elected to the office of Junior Grand Warden in 1959. Frank had the purple of our Fraternity draped around his shoulders in Charlottetown on June 27, 1962, when he was elected and installed as Grand Master of Masons in Prince Edward Island.

Masonic: Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

He received the degrees 4th through to 14th in Albert Edward Lodge of Perfection: 15th through to 18th Degree in Keith Chapter Rose Croix; 19th through to 32nd Degree in Nova Scotia Consistory. He was coronetted an Honorary 33 Degree in 1956. He helped institute St. Lawrence Chapter, Valley of Summerside, of which he is a Chartered member. A member of the Royal Order of Scotland.

Masonic: Capitular

He was Exalted in Alexandra Chapter No. 11 Royal Arch Masons, March 10, 1926; High Priest, 1954; District Grand Supt. for three years, during which time he organized and instituted King Solomon Chapter No. 28

at OLeary. He was elected and installed as Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia in 1960. In September 1962 he was elected President of the Conference of Canadian Grand Chapters in Canada at St. John, N.B. He served for several years as SecretaryTreasurer of the Royal Arch Masons School at the Protestant Orphanage, Mt. Herbert, P. E. I.

Masonic: Cryptic

He was greeted in Garden of the Gulf Council No. 9, Royal and Select Masters; Thrice Illustrious Master, in 1952 and Treasurer since 1961. Received the Super Excellent Degree. He was appointed a line officer in the Eastern Jurisdiction of the Royal and Select Masters and elected to the office of Deputy Grand Master.

Masonic: Chivalric

He was consecrated in Prince Edward Preceptory, No. 35, Charlottetown, P. E. I. on June 16, 1926. Elected Presiding Preceptor, 1939; Appointed Provincial Grand Prior in 1952. For meritorios services to Templarism he was awarded the Knight Cross of the Temple in 1960. Thus becoming a member of the Council of Sovereign Great Priory of Canada.

Masonic: Research Groups

Member of the Canadian Masonic Research Council.

Masonic: Appendant Orders and Miscellaneous

He was admitted to Eastern Canada Priory No. 19, York Cross of Honor. He was installed in Royal Edward Conclave No. 8, Red Cross of Constantine. Past Sovereign in 1961; Member of Philae Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.: Member of Nova Scotia Court No. 155, Royal Order of Jesters; Member of Crystal Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star

Masonic: Grand Representative

Grand Lodge of Canada (Ontario) 1955

Grand Lodge of Maine 1949

Grand Chapter of South Carolina 1955

Grand Chapter of Germany 1962

Grand Council of Louisiana

Frank, as he is affectionately called, possesses all the fine qualities which fit him for the performance of his duties as our Grand Master. His many years of unselfish service to Masonry and his fellow man makes him excellently qualified to accept the responsibilities required of him in performing the duties incumbent upon a Grand Master of Masons. You can rest assured he will perform them well.

From the Proceedings of the 87th Annual Communication of the ost Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island A.F. & A. M. (1962).