The 1869 Warrant was embodied on the Charter that was issued on June 24, 1875 by the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. The Warrant was amended to provide the names of the Officers of the Lodge in 1875 viz. Bradford D. Howatt (W.M.), Frederick Clarke (S.W.) Andrew Reid (J.W.) The Warrant as transcribed states that True Brothers Lodge had fifty-six members in 1875.

The Lodge first met in lower level of the Tryon Hall. Apparently the Brethren had to provide the heat for the Lodge Room. At the Regular Communication in November approval was given to purchase “a stove suitable for coal and five bushels of coal.” The cost was £2 / 15 / . In 1873 a larger stove with a damper was bought at a price of $13.49. At the Regular Communication on August 9, 1870 a committee was named to meet with the Hall Trustees to see about using the upstairs as a Lodge Room. The request was accepted and the Lodge suspended further meetings until the new facilities were ready. The first Communication in the new quarters was on December 10, 1870. In 1872 a committee was appointed “to examine into and to rectify and provide anything which they in their judgement think necessary so to do.” The subsequent account for furnishings was $25.23. (Minutes, August 14, 1872.) Tryon Hall served the Craft for twenty-nine years.

A set of Bye-Laws was approved and sent to the Provincial Grand Master for sanctioning in 1874. Within the Code was provision that the Tyler would be exempt from dues and would receive a goose at the end of each year.

True Brothers Lodge established its commitment to benevolent activity early in its history. At the fourth Regular Communication held on September 14, 1869 the sum of two pounds was voted to Widow Crawford “to remunerate her for attendance on our late Bro. Allan McInnis during his illness at her residence.” The Lodge has maintained a steady attachment to the principle of benevolence toward Brethren and their families within the Jurisdiction.

When True Brothers Lodge was first warranted all matters of jurisprudence were referred to the Grand Lodge of England. Long delays in processing requests proved very unsatisfactory especially in the matter of Certificates for new members. In 1874 the Secretary was instructed to write to the Grand Lodge of England concerning the seven Certificates that had been requested in 1871. Such conditions led the eight Craft Lodges in the Province to petition for the establishment of a Grand Lodge for the Province in 1875. True Brothers Lodge appointed W.Bro. John Muirhead PM, W.Bro. John Lang PM and W.Bro. Bradford Howatt, the Worshipful Master, to attend the organizational meetings in Charlottetown and Summerside which led to the establishment of Grand Lodge in June 1875. True Brothers Lodge agreed to pay all expenses ($6) for the three Brethren attending the Charlottetown Meeting in December 1874. Bro. Muirhead was elected as the first Senior Grand Warden and Bro. Howatt as the first Grand Pursuivant in the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island.