The Lodge has always prided itself in the quality of its Degree work. In 1929 M.W.Bro. G. Elliott Full,Grand Master, offered a Shield for the Lodge that best exemplified the Master Mason Degree during Grand Lodge Visitation. Prince of Wales Lodge won in the initial year but True Brothers Lodge claimed the Award in subsequent years including 1933 when Grand Lodge visited on October 10. The Worshipful Master, Bro. Edward R.G. Bridgewater, and his staff of Officers conferred the Master Mason Degree on Fellow Craft, Daniel MacKinnon, in a “very, very creditable manner.” (The original Shield is displayed in the Lodge Room.)

True Brothers Lodge celebrated its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary in 1944. The Worshipful Master was Bro. Frank Myers. On June 23 the Brethren attended a Masonic supper. On that occasion a history of the Lodge, prepared by W.Bro. John Myers PM, was delivered. It was engrossed in the Minute Book of the Lodge. On July 9 twenty-five Brethren attended Divine Service in Tryon United Church where the sermon was delivered by Rev. Austin Jardine.

True Brothers Lodge celebrated its Centennial in 1969. The Worshipful Master was Bro. Donald Lord and the Anniversary Committee consisted of W.Bro. Barry Dawson (Chair), W.Bro. Ronald Dawson PM and W.Bro. Lorne Inman PM. Three main activities were staged. On June 10 a Regular Communication was held with M.W.Bro. W.S. Burns, Grand Master, and several Grand Lodge Officers in attendance. M.W. Bro. J.A. Thomson PGM presented a history of the first one hundred years of the Lodge. On June 14 a Lobster Banquet was held at the Crapaud Curling Club. M.W.Bro. Gordon Bennett PGM was the guest speaker. On June 15 the Brethren attended Divine Service at Tryon United Church. V.W.Bro. A.E. Piercey, Grand Chaplain, conducted the service. A new carpet was installed in the Lodge Room in 1969. A new roof had been added in 1967 and a new furnace in 1968.

In 1994 the Lodge celebrated one hundred and twenty-five years of work. A history was prepared for the milestone by W.Bro. Robert Stevenson PM assisted by the Lodge Historian, W.Bro Norman MacDonald PM. The Lodge organized an Open House on May 15 that was attended by Masonic families and others from throughout the Province. During the celebration M.W.Bro. J Gordon MacKenzie,Grand Master, unveiled a model of the Porch of King Solomon’s Temple on which was inscribed the complete list of Worshipful Masters of True Brothers Lodge since 1869. W.Bro. Robert Stevenson provided the design, engraving and partial funding for that impressive furnishing. Bro. Stevenson also designed a Lapel Pin which the Lodge purchased to promote the Special Anniversary.