The Brethren continued to meet in the building until 1929 when a new community hall was built near the site of the Lodge Room. The new hall was built by Borden Myers who was nineteen years old at the time. Logs were cut in W.Bro. Austin Smith’s woodlot in Tryon. The thirty-foot logs for the floor joists were sawn at Leard’s Mill but only after the facility was enlarged to accommodate the hefty pieces. (Interview- M.W.Bro. Douglas MacKinnon PGM, November 15, 1999)

A Hall Committee received subscriptions to fund the construction and the Lodge had an agreement with the Committee to have the upper storey built to specifications for a Lodge Room. The lower level served as a community hall. The Trustees of the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund held title in trust for True Brothers Lodge. (Stevenson p.17)

The new Lodge Room was dedicated on November 26, 1929. Grand Lodge met in an adjacent room and marched to the new quarters where True Brothers Lodge was in session. M.W.Bro. G. Elliott Full, Grand Master, and his Grand Lodge Officers were received and assumed the several stations of the Lodge. The Lodge Room was dedicated in accordance with ancient custom.

True Brothers Lodge No. 8
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
True Brothers Lodge No. 8

An interesting piece of Masonic history was shared at True Brothers Lodge on June 23, 1937 during the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge. W.Bro. D.M. Gordon of St. George’s Lodge No. 4 presented a Gavel to True Brothers Lodge. The Gavel was reported to have been crafted from the wood of an apple tree planted by the late W.Bro. Thomas Archibald Cobb who was the great, great grandfather of the sitting Worshipful Master of True Brothers Lodge in 1937, W.Bro. James F. Cobb. (Some sources claimed that Bro. Thomas Archibald Cobb was the first Mason raised on Prince Edward Island.)

A second Gavel was presented in the same year on December 27. On that occasion M.W.Bro. F.M. Pidgeon PGM presented the newly-installed Worshipful Master, Bro. T.A. Dawson, with a Gavel that was obtained by Miss Grace Crosby while in Jerusalem. The Gavel was made of wood gathered from the Mount of Olives and was first given to W.Bro. H.E. Crosby PM but upon his death, Miss Crosby arranged for the Lodge to have it. That Gavel and the one presented by Bro. Gordon were displayed together under glass in the Lodge Room.