Total membership figures for Mount Zion Lodge shows some interesting patterns. The Lodge grew steadily in the first fifty years and stood at seventy on its Golden Anniversary in 1928. The Lodge experienced some decline in the 1930’s but remarkable growth in the decade after World War II brought the total membership to its highest ever at one hundred and two in 1955. During the past twenty-five years the membership has declined slowly and presently stands at fifty-three including fifteen Life Members.

Mount Zion Lodge No. 12 has provided many leading and influential Freemasons who have left a significant legacy throughout the Jurisdiction. The Brethren have ever aimed to own and maintain a well-furnished and comfortable Lodge Room. Their achievements in that noble purpose are outstanding. The Lodge has always demonstrated honour and gratitude to its Brethren whose contribution to Freemasonry, and to Mount Zion in particular, has been very worthy.