On February 5, 1903 a Committee was appointed “to report at our next meeting on the advisability of building a Hall.” Obviously the needed repair work was not done. The members of the Building Committee were M.W. Bro. Donald Darrach PGM, W.Bro. H.A. Leslie PM., W.Bro. Garnet Glover PM, W.Bro. S.B. MacNutt PM and W.Bro. John S. Cousins PM. At the Regular Communication on March 5, 1903 plans for a new Hall were examined and although the project seemed too costly the Committee recommended proceeding with the work. The crucial vote was 12 : 2 in favour of the recommendation with several Brethren abstaining. Bro. Darrach advised reconsideration. It is significant to note that four days later the Brethren from the Malpeque area met to consider the advisability of forming a new Lodge in that community. A Petition from ten Brethren from the Malpeque area to start a new Lodge was received in April and was unanimously supported. A Special Communication was called for August 17, 1903 and a decision was made to proceed with the construction of the new Lodge Room with total cost not to exceed $1,000. A committee was formed to select a site. W.Bro. Darrach, W.Bro. Andrew Bowness PM and W.Bro. Garnet Glover PM.comprised the Committee. Building lots owned by Bro. Darrach and Bro. Glover were considered as well as a lot owned by a Mr. Bourke. Despite an apparent conflict of interest the Committee recommended Bro. Glover’s lot measuring 60ʹ x 100ʹ for a price of $60. M.F. Schurman Co. was selected to build the Lodge at a cost of $1000. Bro. Schurman outlined the plans at a Special Communication on October 13, 1903. Some of the required lumber could not be secured immediately so construction was delayed until the following summer. In the meantime consideration was given to changing the site but Bro. Glover would not give his consent.

On October 15, 1904 a Special Communication was called to approve the withdrawal of funds from the bank to pay Bro. Schurman. As an indication of the momentum of the project “all members present were appointed a committee to make arrangements for the opening of the new Hall.” A Special Communication was called for November 7,1904 to appoint several special committees including one to select the colour of paint for the new Lodge and another to do grading on grounds. The contractor was requested to furnish a room (lathed and plastered) to the left of the front entrance enclosing the side entrance, erect a stairway with handrails and a flue. The Minutes do not indicate when the first Communication was held in the new Lodge Room. The Lodge trustees presented a detail account of the cost of the Hall on February 2, 1905. The total cost was $1038. 71 and the Lodge had $673.70 on hand. W.Bro. H.A. Leslie PM, owner the Commercial Hotel, advanced the balance on condition that he be paid by June 10, 1905.