The new Lodge Room was dedicated on June 20, 1905 at an Emergent Communication of Grand Lodge. The Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers Sr., opened Lodge in the Ante Room at 8:00 p.m. The Grand Lodge Officers proceeded to the Lodge Room and were welcomed by W.Bro. Ken McKay, the Worshipful Master. The Grand Lodge Officers assumed the Stations and after the usual examination of the Lodge Room, the Grand Master and V.W.Bro. W.C. George Clark, Grand Chaplain, solemnly dedicated the Hall “to Freemasonry, to Virtue and to Universal Benevolence” in accordance with ancient custom and usage. W.Bro. J.A. Winfield addressed the Brethren. Benediction was given by the Grand Chaplin and a delicious banquet was served to members and guests.. (Bro. Ben Rogers had presented his portrait during an Official Visitation in 1904)

Mount Zion Lodge No. 12
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Mount Zion Lodge No. 12
58 Victoria Street East

Mount Zion Lodge is the Mother Lodge of two very active and successful Constituent Lodges in this Jurisdiction. On February 5, 1885 a request to support a Petition from fourteen Brethren mostly from Mount Zion to form a new Lodge in Stanley Bridge was “unanimously granted” by the Lodge. Several descendants of the Charter Members are presently active in Prince Edward Lodge No. 14 which moved its site to Graham’s Road in 1977. On April 2, 1903 a request to support a Petition from ten Brethren in the Malpeque area to establish the Lodge in that community was likewise unanimously endorsed. Indeed, Mount Zion Lodge loaned some of its paraphernalia to King Edward Lodge to enable it to open and all Brethren were asked to attend the first Communication. (Minutes, June 3, 1903) M.W.Bro. Winston Cousins PGM, a member of King Edward No. 16, is a grandson of Charter Member, W.Bro. John S. Cousins PM.

Some of the furnishings in the Lodge Room have been crafted and/or donated by the Brethren. W.Bro. Andrew Tuplin was paid $9 for the two Pillars which he built in 1924. The Square and Compasses mounted on the front of the Lodge building were crafted by M.W.Bro. Emory McFarlane PGM from a set a brass scales obtained from W.Bro. Preston Kennedy PM, a partner in P.J. & C. Kennedy in Kensington. (Bro. Henderson’s historical sketch) The set of Door Knockers was donated by W.Bro. Wallace Thompson PM in April, 1957 and W.Bro. Vernon Leard PM donated a set of Working Tools in September 1957 and a History of Freemasonry in 1960.