The Brethren of Mount Zion have always shown good stewardship of funds and a generous spirit of volunteer service while seeking to have a well-furnished and comfortable Lodge Room.

The Lodge Room was carpeted in 1880 at a cost of $56. The Carpet Committee was immediately ordered to purchase eight spittons.

A limit of $25 was placed on repair work on the Hall and Lodge Room in 1892. The work included plastering and whitewashing.

The Lower Hall or Banquet Room was always an important consideration in the work of the Lodge. In April, 1905 immediately after occupying the new building, the Lodge voted to finish the Lower Hall and prepare to rent it.

In 1910 the Lodge hired James Hunter to paint the window frames, doors and finish on the new Hall. His terms were $2 per day or $4 total. At the November 3 Communications it was reported that for an additional $3 the painter would do all the finish work. The Brethren approved the request.

A renovation project was carried out in 1936 at a cost of $294.89. That work included raising the building and laying a new foundation ($100), shingling the roof ($80.70) and painting ($29). Wesley Cole was the contractor for the raising. A bank loan of $125 was secured to help fund that project. The Brethren were also requested to subscribe $5 each to repay the loan. (Minutes, September 2, 1937)

In April, 1945 plans for improvements to the interior of the Lodge Room were outlined. A new ceiling, new floor and new walls were recommended with the total cost not to exceed $500. The Financial Statement showed $143 for re-decorating and $66 for new chairs. In 1949 a Building Committee under the chairmanship of W.Bro. Preston Kennedy PM was considering major improvements to the Lodge building. Original plans called for the building to be moved an additional thirty feet from the street, to add fourteen feet to the length and raise the building five feet. The project was to be financed by membership subscription. W.Bro. William MacLean PM was chairman of the Finance Committee. The project must have been too elaborate as the Minutes of September, 1949 state that consideration was given to approaching the Orange Lodge regarding an exchange of buildings. The Orangemen used the Caldwell Hall which was located on the site where the Murray Christian Centre is now located. The Committee investigating the exchange of Halls advised against the move on October 6, 1949. (Caldwell Hall was later relocated to Main Street and presently serves as Stedman’s Store).