The Lodge completed some additional improvements and repairs on the Building in 1998 An extension at the rear provided an enclosure above the furnace room and additional space for Apartment # 2. The shell was completed by A.C. Weir Construction at a cost of $3491.86. The interior was completed later in 1998 at a cost of $1321.48. The roof was re-shingled by Midway Custom Construction at a cost of $4287.

The Lodge Room is equipped with several furnishings that have been donated by the Brethren. The present Altar Bible was presented in 1986 as a memorial to W.Bro. Charles B. Doull PM by grandsons W.Bro. Calvin Clark PM and W.Bro Howard Clark PM. The previous Altar Bible was donated by W.Bro. Keith Lord PM and W.Bro. Alfred Norring PM on June 1, 1950. The flags were gifts of W.Bro. Keith Lord PM in 1975 and W.Bro. James Lockhart in 1999. V.W.Bro. George Murray PM donated the two Ashlars in 1981. The Guest Book and Pen were donated by W.Bro. Howard Clark in memory of W.Bro. Edward Field in 1979. The Collars were purchased by the Lodge Officers in 1955. W.Bro. Lloyd Kahout was the Worshipful Master. The Collars were sewn and repaired by W. Bro. Robert Montgomery in 1997. Large holders for Staffs were donated by W.Bro. Joseph Dawson PM in 1996. The Altar Cloth was presented by W.Bro. Robert Montgomery PM, W.Bro. Jack Darrach PM and W.Bro. Howard Clark in March1999. Several volumes have been donated to the Lodge Library by V.W. Bro. Lorne Seaman PM (True Brothers Lodge), V.W.Bro. Clifford Dawson PM and W.Bro. Keith Lord PM.

The Mount Moriah Lodge celebrated its Centennial in 1999. The Anniversary Committee was established in March 1998 and included W.Bro. Garth Coughlin, Bro. Ray Howatt and Bro. Ralph Coughlin, W.Bro. Layton Profitt PM and W.Bro. James Lockhart PM and V.W.Bro. Cooke Howatt were added to the Committee in October 1998. The Lodge purchased commemorative watches and pins to mark the milestone. A new Masonic Sign for the exterior was donated to the Lodge by Quick Draw Signs and Graphics. An Anniversary Supper and Open House were held on June 26, 1999 attended by forty-two members and guests. A picture in the Ante Room shows W.Bro. Layton Profitt and W.Bro. Garth Coughlin with Grand Master M.W. Bro. Bruce Small cutting the birthday cake.

The large Ante Room has many notable furnishings and displays. Pictures of recent special ceremonies are displayed viz. 100th Anniversary, Dedication of the new Lodge Room and the Opening of the Eldon C. Wright Daylight Lodge. Plaques noting the recent awards of the Lodge are proudly displayed. The picture of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the J.P. Grand Secretary and a District Grand Secretary of the same Grand Lodge during a one-day visit to Prince Edward Island in 1938 is a visible reminder of that very special event in the History of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. The North Bedeque Craft House donated a fridge, book shelves, adding machine and a bulletin board in 1999. Mount Moriah Lodge recently purchased stacking arm-chairs for the Ante Room. V.W.Bro. Clifford Dawson PM has spirited a project to have families purchase additional chairs as memorials to deceased Brethren. Currently forty chairs and some new tables have been added under the project. The Brethren have completed renovations to the Ante Room to allow suitable space to host Masonic Receptions.