The decision to relocate True Brothers Lodge and to also start a new Lodge was a controversial issue throughout the 1890’s. (See History of True Brothers Lodge.) Because the earliest records of the discussions on the issue suggested that True Brothers Lodge would move to Cape Traverse, the eventual decision to relocate the Lodge in Crapaud and to start a new Lodge in Cape Traverse seemed unexpected. Apparently developments happened away from the Regular Communications that led to the final outcome. It was clear that the Freemasons in Cape Traverse wanted a Lodge in their community. A reference in the Minutes of King Hiram Lodge in 1897 asserted that W.Bro. Alex Strang had written to the Summerside Lodge inviting the Brethren to relocate the Lodge in Cape Traverse. The idea drew some interest in the Summerside Lodge but in the end it was rejected. The passage of time has shown that in spite of the difficulties in True Brothers Lodge at that time the final resolution created two of the finest Lodges in this Jurisdiction.

Under the separation agreement, the Brethren from Cape Traverse received all of the furniture and $30 cash from True Brothers Lodge. It is believed by some of the current Brethren that the forty high-backed wooden chairs that have recently been refinished in the Lodge Room in Central Bedeque were the original chairs in True Brothers Lodge. Yeah more, the chairs may have been part of the original furniture from King Hiram Lodge in St. Eleanor’s which was provided to True Brothers Lodge in the late 1860’s.

There is some indication in the Minutes of Mount Moriah Lodge that the line of Jurisdiction between True Brothers and Mount Moriah was a controversial issue in the early years. On March 1, 1915 a committee from True Brothers Lodge visited Mount Moriah Lodge and a “friendly discussion” was held. A committee was appointed to confer with a similar committee from True Brothers with a view to a satisfactory settlement. There wasn’t any mention in theMinutes of the outcome of those meetings and discussions. On December 27, 1915 the Minutes noted that the matter of jurisdiction was discussed and the committee appointed to deal with the matter was discharged.

In the first year of operation the Lodge raised three Master Masons viz. Bro. Wm. Good, Bro. J.C. Peacock and Bro. J.P. Irving. The first Grand Lodge Officer from Mount Moriah Lodge was V.W.Bro. Wm. Dougherty who served as Junior Grand Deacon in 1898-99. V.W.Bro. John Muirhead was elected as Junior Grand Deacon on June 26, 1899. Bro. Muirhead was later elected as Grand Master in 1901. (Grand Lodge Proceedings, 1899-1901)