Ownership also brought greater responsibility for the repairs and improvements needed on the Hall. Wiring of the kitchen occurred in 1952. The electrician was Ralph Dawson. In 1957 the Lodge obtained a second loan of $1400 from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund.. Further improvements in the 1960’s were funded largely through member subscription. Kitchen repairs were carried out in 1966. The work was funded by a canvass of the membership headed by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Verner Norring. In 1967 a very generous offer from Mr. Wilbert Muttart to allow the Lodge to run water from his house next door greatly improved the services for the Masons.

The Lodge repairs resulted in some heavy debt burdens for the Lodge over the years. The two loans from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund in the 1950’s could not be fully repaid until 1978. (Minutes, February 6, 1978) The 1950 loan of $1000 had interest @ 3.5 % while the $1400. loan in 1957 carried interest at 5%. In many years the Lodge was only able to make the interest payments. Although the Lodge was growing and reached its peak membership at one hundred and seventeen in 1964, more than thirty of the members were in arrears in the early and mid 1960’s and the Lodge struggled to deal with the problem. Several of the Brethren were suspended. At the end of the decade the number in arrears stood at twenty-six with outstanding dues of $637. Lodge dues were raised on two occasions between 1950 and 1980.

In 1978 the Lodge appointed a Committee to assess the need for building repairs. Worshipful Master Bro. E.R. Pike headed the Committee. Roof repairs, painting and carpeting of the Lodge Room were required. An application for a Summer Works Program was rejected. In 1979 the Lodge arranged a $5000 loan from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund. The idea of a lobster supper to finance the five-year repayment plan was accepted. W.Bro. Clifford Dawson PM and W.Bro. Burton Norring PM organized the first supper and profits of $957.76 were reported. The Lodge has continued the practise of holding a lobster supper as a major fundraiser since 1979. The event has normally been held in May in the United Church Hall in Central Bedeque. In 1999 the profits exceeded $3000.

The custom of a Ladies’ Night Banquet appeared to have started in the 1950’s. The event did not receive much attention in the Minutes. In 1965 the Worshipful Master, Bro. Clifford Dawson appointed a committee to organize ‘an Annual Banquet and Ladies Night’. The event was held at the Borden Legion in November. The next mention of a banquet was in 1971 when the event was postponed because a suitable location could not be found. In 1976 the banquet was held at the Crapaud Curling Club with M.W.Bro. Arthur Dawson PGM as guest speaker. The Ladies’ Night Banquet has been held each year since that date. In 1999 the Ladies’ Night Supper was also held at the Crapaud Curling Club. The event was planned jointly with True Brothers Lodge and Eldon C. Wright Daylight Lodge and ninety-two meals were served.