The need for improved facilities above Bro. Dougherty’s Office was first mentioned in the Minutes of May 24, 1915. The occasion was the visit of the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. George Inman, and the Grand Secretary, R.W.Bro. W.P. Doull. The Lodge Secretary noted that in the Grand Master’s Address to the Lodge he gave ‘good advice’ along the lines of ‘sanitation’ also he advised that “as long as we remained in our present quarters more precaution should be taken to guard against cowans and eavesdroppers and recommended that a shutter be placed immediately on the window in the east of the Lodge.” The Minutes conclude that “Lodge was finally closed in form.” The Brethren may have appreciated the ‘good advice’ but seemed less appreciative at being detained by the Grand Master.

Facilities were not the only concern of Grand Lodge in the early years of Mount Moriah. Several Grand Masters made reference to the low attendance at meetings and the need to cancel some Grand Lodge Annual Visitations when insufficient Brethren appeared to open the Lodge. Membership had increased very slowly in the new Lodge with only nineteen on the Roll in 1915.

The construction of a new Community Hall in Cape Traverse during the Great War prompted the Brethren of Mount Moriah to consider a move from their first Lodge Room. At the Regular Communication on March 16, 1916 the Brethren appeared favourable to a move to the new Hall. A Committee consisting of W.Bro. J.H. Bell, W.Bro. W.H. Irving and W.Bro. A.R. Clark was appointed “to confer with the directors of the Hall at an early date and ascertain what arrangements if any can be made toward that end.”

On September 16, 1916 a Lodge Committee was appointed “to confer with the Hall Committee regarding occupancy of the Hall, and also to have all necessary business transacted so as to enable the work of furnishing to proceed at once.”

The Lodge rented space on the second level of the new Hall. The necessary Lease Agreement was drawn on October 18, 1916. The Agreement provided for a lump sum payment of $75 and an annual rent of 01¢. The Lodge would contribute 15% to all future hall repairs and 25 % toward insurance. The actual move to the new building was delayed possibly due to winter conditions. Mount Moriah Lodge was not able to host the Grand Master in the autumn of 1916.

The Brethren were enthused about the prospects of new quarters. During the Regular Communication of December 4, 1916 some time was spent “very pleasantly in discussing plans for the future and exchanging views to the new Hall.” There were twenty-eight members in Mount Moriah in 1916. The membership increased to thirty-three in 1917.