In the 1960’s the Lodge discussed the issue of closing for the months of July and August. The idea was abandoned after it was explained by M.W. Bro. Harold Palmer PGM that the Bye-Laws would need to be amended to allow for closure of the Lodge.

The challenge for older Brethren to negotiate the stairs to the Lodge Room was an issue that eventually led to discussions about a move to more suitable quarters. A Project Committee was established to acquire a site. The members were V.W.Bro. Walter Bernard, Chairperson, Bro. Layton Profitt, W.Bro. Don MacFarlane PM, W.Bro. Robert Dalziel PM and W.Bro. Peter Harrell PM. Central Bedeque School was purchased from the Western School Board in 1995.

The last Grand Lodge Visitation in Cape Traverse was on October 25, 1995 and was attended by the Grand Masters of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Over one hundred Freemasons were in attendance. The Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Harley C. Ings, granted the Honorary Rank ‘Very Worshipful’ to W.Bro. Floyd Gates PM, W.Bro. Clifford Dawson PM and W.Bro. George Murray PM. during the Visitation.

Mount Moriah Lodge held its Communications in the Bedeque School during the winter of 1995-96 on a trial basis. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Preston MacDonald. In February 1996 a Building Conversion Committee was appointed. The members were Bro. R. Reid, W.Bro. Peter Harrell PM, Bro. Layton Profitt, Bro. Garth Coughlin and Bro. Ralph Coughlin. In March 1996 it was decided by secret ballot to move Mount Moriah Lodge from Cape Traverse to Central Bedeque. An application was made to Grand Lodge and the Dispensation granting permission to change the location of communications was issued by Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Bruce Small on September 23, 1996.

The Brethren carried out extensive renovation in the new building during 1996. They were unsuccessful in renting the basement so the Lodge Room was moved to the basement and three apartments were established in the upper storey. A large Ante Room with kitchen facilities was built in the basement as well as a washroom and office area. Carpet and Masonic Pavement were installed in the Lodge Room at a cost of $1850 and funded fully by member donations. The Brethren provided much of the labour for the renovations. Bro. Lanny Sendra, an annual visitor from Vermont, volunteered to carry out much of the drywall work. Bro. Sendra was presented with an Honorary Membership in 1999. A video was made of the work done in 1996.