An examination of the changes over time in the total membership in Mount Moriah Lodge raises some interesting questions. The Lodge experienced little growth in the early years until it moved into the Hall at Cape Traverse in 1917. At that time the membership was twenty-eight. The number doubled in just six years. It continued to increase and reached seventy-six in 1930. Like most Lodges in this jurisdiction Mount Moriah showed little growth during the Great Depression and Second World War. Immediately after the War the membership began a steady increase that peaked at one hundred and seventeen in 1964. The years since have shown a slow rate of decline in total membership. The Lodge currently has a membership of sixty-two including seventeen Life Members.. After examining this pattern against the total history of this Lodge one might wonder if it is the size of the membership that really makes an effective Lodge. One may also wonder if factors such as the condition, the geographical location and the ownership of the Lodge Building impact on the pattern of change.

Mount Moriah Lodge is one of the most active Lodges in this Jurisdiction. The Brethren are regularly engaged in a rich menu of Masonic activities and traditions. There is a very significant nucleus of highly committed and enthusiastic Freemasons in this Lodge. Happy One Hundred!