King Edward Brethren intended to make a return visit in 1980 to present the Entered Apprentice Degree. A motion confirming the plans was passed at the March Communication. A Lodge Notice from Carleton Union announcing the visit for April 19 was read at the April 7 Regular Communication but a motion was then approved “ that motion passed at March meeting be rescinded.” The Minutes are silent on the reason for the cancellation of the visit.

King Edward Lodge celebrated its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary in 1979. Two projects honouring Past Masters helped to mark the milestone. The Past Masters’ Scrolls are beautifully framed decorative pieces that list all of the Past Masters of the Lodge. Also displayed on the north wall is a lighted Plaque – IN MEMORIAM – listing the names of deceased Past Masters. At the suggestion of M.W.Bro. James R. Murphy PGM, the Plaque also served as a Lodge fundraiser to support a renovation project in the late 1970’s. Families could have the name of a deceased Past Master added to the Plaque for a sum of $25. (Minutes, December 3, 1979) A social evening was held on August 25, 1980 to unveil the Scroll and Plaque. Families that had donated funds to the Memorial were invited as well as representatives of Grand Lodge. W.Bro Winston Cousins, the Worshipful Master, acted as Director of Ceremonies for the evening. M.W.Bro. James R. Murphy PGM gave a brief history of the Plaque. The most senior member of King Edward Lodge, W.Bro. James MacKinnon PM, unveiled the Scroll and Plaque. The fifty-one members and guests then had a tour of the Lodge Room followed by lunch in the lower hall.

The Lodge Room is rich in adornments and artifacts largely due to the generosity of the Brethren and their families. M.W.Bro Fred Hickey PGM was a great benefactor of King Edward Lodge. The display cabinet on the west wall abounds with print materials from his extensive personal library. On the south wall are two attractive display cases crafted by Fulton Simmons in 1999 and containing several items of Bro Hickey’s memorabilia viz. Jewels, Pins, Medals, Past Master Apron, 50 year Certificate and Supreme Council Membership Card. In the 1980’s Bro. Hickey donated sets of slides to accompany each of the three Masonic Degrees in Craft Lodges. In 1980 he donated a light for the Past Master’s Memorial Plaque and in 1981 he donated a set of Balloting Balls. Bro. Hickey’s Master Mason Certificate is displayed in the Ante Room. The two Pillars were donated by M.W.Bro. J.R. Murphy PGM and W.Bro. Ross Harrington PM in 1992. The Lodge Regalia and Aprons are suitably maintained in an attractive storage case built and donated by Bro. Leith Murray in 1992 and in the same year W.Bro. Ross Harrington PM donated the Kneeling Bench. The Treasurer’s table is a gift of W.Bro. Wendell Bertram in 1995. V.W. Bro. Clair Crozier donated the Masonic Altar Bible in 1997 as a memorial to M.W. Bro. Fred R.Hickey, PGM and M.W.Bro. James R. Murphy, PGM. Perhaps the oldest item in the Lodge Room is a Past Master’s Jewel that was donated by W.Bro. Lloyd Pickering in 1998 in memory of his great, great grandfather, Bro. William Pickering, who was raised in London, England in 1870. The Jewel was mounted on a Plaque by W.Bro. Garth Wall PM and is displayed in one of the Simmons’ Cabinets.