The Lodge operated ‘Under Dispensation’ until June 24, 1904 when Grand Lodge approved a Charter. The Charter was signed by the Grand Master M.W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers and R.W.Bro. Charles Sterns, Deputy Grand Master.

King Edward Lodge has held its Communications in the same building since it was organized in 1903. The Forresters Hall was built in 1851 and the Brethren negotiated a rental agreement for the second storey at 40¢ per night. The Hall is currently owned by the Malpeque Women’s Institute and King Edward Lodge has a ninety-nine year lease of the upper storey which was negotiated in 1967.

The Lodge was quite active with Degree work in its first year with twelve Degrees being conferred. The first Annual Return in April 1904 showed ten affiliations and four Master Mason Degrees. The first candidate was James A. Campbell who received his Master Mason Degree on October 12, 1903. On May 18, 1904 the Grand Master visited the Lodge and requested that the Master Mason Degree be exemplified. Led by W.Bro. George B MacNutt PM, the Officers obliged and were duly commended for their work. Bro. MacNutt became the Lodge’s first representative to Grand Lodge when he was elected Grand Lecturer on June 26, 1905. Bro. MacNutt was raised in Mount Zion and was elected as Junior Grand Warden in 1894. W.Bro. D.P. MacNutt was also a former Grand Lodge Officer having served as Junior Grand Warden (1899). He was elected as Deputy Grand Master in 1906. The present Grand Lodge Representative is V.W.Bro. J. Earl Adams, Additional Steward.

Grand Lodge made its first Official visit on January 2, 1905. V.W.Bro. Arthur Owen in his ‘History of the Lodge’ refers to that Special Communication as “possibly the most important and historical meetings to take place in King Edward Lodge.” (Owen, unpaged) It may also have been one of the longest meetings in the Lodge’s history. Grand Lodge convened with the Deputy Grand Master in the East. (Grand Master Rogers was absent due to a death in his family) M.W.Bro. Leonard Morris PGM read a Dispensation from the Grand Master authorizing his visit. Grand Lodge retired and King Edward Lodge was opened. The Grand Lodge Officers returned and the Lodge was solemnly consecrated with the elements of corn, wine and oil, dedicated to the Holy Saints John and declared duly constituted. The Officers were installed and the Charter was presented to the newly installed Worshipful Master, W.Bro. George B. MacNutt. M.W.Bro. Donald Darrach PGM then proclaimed King Edward Lodge No. 16 as legally constituted. (Grand Lodge Proceedings, 1905 pp. 21-22) Four of the Brethren spoke briefly and a Resolution of thanks was approved for the honour bestowed by the guests. Lodge was called from Labour to Refreshment. The Brethren proceeded to Hodgson House, a private residence on Plug Street, for refreshments. Following the meal the Brethren of King Edward returned to the Lodge Room and resumed Labour. Two Petitions for membership were received and investigating committees were appointed. Two other investigating committees reported and the Ballot was spread for the new candidates. A Lodge of Fellow Craft was opened and a candidate was examined. The Master Mason Degree was conferred on Bro. E.J. Rattee. Following the Degree three items of a financial nature were dealt with, two ad hoc committees gave brief reports, a special committee was appointed to draft a Letter of Condolence to Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers. Lodge was then closed.