Several significant motions were adopted at that meeting which was chaired by W.Bro. John S. Cousins. The name for the new Lodge, the night for Regular Communication and the names of Brethren to fill the three principal Offices in the Lodge were unanimously approved. The Secretary for the meeting, W.Bro. Thomas MacNutt PM, was requested to notify the Secretary of Mount Zion Lodge “that the Masons of Malpeque and vicinity propose partitioning (sic) Grand Lodge for a Dispensation to start a new Lodge at Malpeque and will ask for the recommendation of Mount Zion Lodge at their next Regular Communication.” The nine Brethren present at that meeting were: George B. MacNutt , Thomas MacNutt, Dugald Preston MacNutt, Robert Crozier, George Riley, Hume Hopgood, Robert Sutherland, William P. Woodside and John S. Cousins. Bro. Bruce Stewart was not present but later signed the Petition that was forwarded to Grand Lodge. Bro. Hopgood was raised in Mount Zion in 1889 and his Master Mason Certificate is displayed in the Lodge Room at Malpeque.

A Dispensation was issued by Grand Lodge on May 23, 1903 and the Lodge met on June 5 to elect the first Officers viz.

Worshipful Master W.Bro. George B. MacNutt PM
Senior Warden W.Bro. Willaim P.Woodside PM
Junior Warden Bro. John S. Cousins

The Lodge acted quickly to furnish its Lodge Room. . A Committee of three was given a budget of $100 to purchase Regalia and other equipment. The money was borrowed at 5 % from William Crozier, a candidate for the mysteries of Masonry in the new Lodge. Mount Zion Lodge, which had supported the Petition unanimously, loaned its furniture and other paraphernalia to the new Lodge until new items could be purchased The purchases totalling $118.09 were presented on November 7 and included twelve Collars and Jewels ($38.65), set of Charts ($7) and Sword ($2). Other early additions to the Lodge Room included a Secretary’s desk made by Capt. Blackmore in 1906 at a cost of $5.94 also a storage chest for the equipment of the Lodge. Columns for the Senior and Junior Wardens’ Stations and a set of Pedestals for the candles were made by Bro. John Woodside at a cost of $3. (Owen, unpaged) M.W.Bro. A.S. MacKay later provided a Master’s Chair as a gift in December 1916. In 1927 W.Bro. Keith Laird of Amiable Lodge in Cambridge, Mass. presented a Square, twenty-four inch Gauge, Warden’s Trullions and Stands.

The Dispensation was presented by the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. William R. Ellis, on June 15 when he visited the Lodge on invitation. (The Warrant presently hangs on the south wall of the Lodge Room.) The Bye-Laws of Mount Zion were adopted until a new set was approved in 1905. The name for the Lodge undoubtedly reflected the deep loyalty of the Brethren for the new King, Edward VII, Patron of the Grand Lodge of England and Past Grand Master of that Jurisdiction.