With a lease agreement in place the Brethren wanted to secure a legal long-term title to the upper level of the Hall. The legal document for a ninety-nine year lease was approved by the Lodge on February 13, 1967. The motion for approval was presented by Bro. Harry Tuplin and seconded by W.Bro. William E. Donald PM.

Bro. Clair Crozier headed the Building Committee for the major renovation project in 1972. Other members of the Committee were Bro. Elmer Hickey and W.Bro. Robert Harding PM. The local Women’s Institute was celebrating its Centennial in 1973 and a Winter Works Grant was received to assist with funding for the renovations. The Lodge received a $1000 loan from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund. A central heating system was installed. The ‘outer room’ was improved with the addition of a washroom, new panelling, ceiling and floor covering. The Lodge offered its thanks to Bro. Crozier and his Committee in April 1972. In the spring of 1973 carpeting was added on the platforms in the east, west and south of the Lodge Room in anticipation of the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge in Malpeque. On April 14 the Brethren gathered as volunteers to work on the grounds, replace the stone walkway and paint the Lodge Sign.

In 1978 new siding and windows were installed. The Lodge and Women’s Institute were unsuccessful in their application for a grant under the Winter Works Program. The Lodge approved a Bank Loan of $2000 and the Brethren organized fundraising activities to pay off the loan. Lobster suppers were held in 1979 and 1980 enabling the Lodge to repay the loan in two years. (Minutes, May 5, 1980)

In 1980 Bro. Carl Rogers received $1000 for painting the Hall. In 1981 Andy MacLean was hired to shingle the south side of the roof with materials provided at cost by Bro. Ross Harrington. (Minutes, May 4, 1981, December 7, 1981)

In 1997 the Lodge once again joined forces with the Malpeque Women’s Institute to acquire an Federal Infrastructure Grant to renovate the Hall. Under the project new vinyl siding was installed along with new windows and access ramp. Mosaic Tile was laid west of the Altar and the remainder of the Lodge Room was carpeted. The Lodge Room and stairwell were painted. The Lodge borrowed $5600 at the Bank to cover its share of the project – 33% of interior and 16 % of exterior. W.Bro. Ross Harrington PM was chairman of the Building Committee and W.Bro. Gordon Ramsay was Worshipful Master.

King Edward Lodge No. 16
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
King Edward Lodge No. 16
Malpeque Community Centre