Under the new format suppers were held annually at local community halls, at Larkin’s Restaurant in Kensington or in the Banquet Hall below the Lodge Room. Guest speakers and entertainment were arranged. Tickets for the chicken supper at Larkin’s Restaurant on December 15, 1950 cost $2.00 per couple. James Beairsto and Carl Crozier provided musical entertainment. W.Bro. Eric Ingraham was guest speaker at the social evening in 1958. Miss Ann Murray was the entertainer at the Supper in Darnley Hall on September 28, 1966. In recent years the Ladies’ Night Banquet has been held in such venues as Woodland Heights, Kensington Recreation Centre and Kensington Legion. One hundred and twelve attended the activity at Woodland Heights in 1977.

Thirteen Brethren within the membership were in active service during WWII. The Lodge voted to remit their dues. On May 8, 1945 seventeen Brethren marched with the Reserve Army to attend Divine Service in recognition of V-E Day. The Service was conducted by the Chaplain, Bro. C. J. Crowdis. W.Bro. William Donald was Worshipful Master. Following his return home from war Bro. Fred Hickey was honoured with an Address and the gift of a Masonic Ring. Ice cream and cake were served and Masonic Rings were presented to Bro. Reginald Hiltz and Bro. Everett C. Beairsto on May 6, 1946.

As citizens of the community and regular users of the Hall, the Lodge Brethren had a genuine interest in the maintenance and repair of the building. They also desired to have a comfortable Lodge Room with convenient and independent access. A summary of renovation projects and improvements shows that the Brethren have been faithful and generous over the years in their efforts to meet those goals.

Perhaps the most significant change in the Lodge Room occurred during the renovations in 1952-53. W.Bro. Charles Lockhart PM chaired the Building Committee that also included Bro. Edward MacGougan, W.Bro. Frank Beairsto PM and W.Bro. Preston Green PM. The front entrance to the Lodge Room was sealed off and the partition at the east end between outer rooms and Lodge Room was removed. A new side entrance leading to the ‘outer room’ at the west end was installed. The Master’s Station was relocated to the true east of the Lodge Room (above the secret escape). The Women’s Institute continued to use the ‘outer room’ as a meeting room until 1964. The Lodge borrowed $350 from Grand Lodge for the project and each Brother was asked to pledge $10 over three years to repay the loan. The Brethren also canvassed the districts. W.Bro. Alex J. Chisholm was Worshipful Master in 1952-53.