The Lodge has used a variety of fundraisers to finance the renovation projects noted above and to meet the operating costs of the Lodge. Few details were provided in the Minutes on those activities. The first mention of a Lobster Supper to raise funds was in 1979. In 1981 the event was held at Malpeque Hall on May 3. On May 5 a note at the bank was paid in full. The Lobster Supper has been take-out only since 1995. There was reference to the idea of a radio auction in 1952. (Minutes, December 27) The Annual Lodge Auction has been a major source of funds in recent years. The event was first held in Summerside but has been staged at the Kensington Recreation Centre in recent years. The Lodge has also used the funds to support benevolent activity, community projects and charities. Recipients have included the Prince County Hospital Equipment Fund, Anglican, United and Presbyterian Sunday Schools and Community Gardens Equipment Fund. Financial support for the families of Brethren who were known to be in need are recorded throughout the Minutes. The Lodge has been a frequent claimant on the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund as well.

In addition to the historic Communications that marked the start of the Lodge, there have been others that are also noteworthy and that have served to establish the Brethren as exemplary hosts. Chicken suppers were the traditional fare for Grand Lodge Visitation at King Edward for many years. In 1945 six Brethren volunteered to bring chicken and the rest “any refreshments to go with a chicken supper.” (Minutes, September 3, 1945)

The Brethren may have anticipated a record attendance for the Grand Master’s Visitation in 1950 as planning began on September 4 for “some kind of supper as in the past – chicken, salads and etc.” One hundred and fourteen Brethren attended the Visitation on October 11 and when the business of the Communication was over the eighty guests joined the Lodge Brethren in the lower hall “where a banquet table was prepared.” W.Bro. Wallace Pickering PM was Master of Ceremonies for the social which included Toasts and a Sing Song. M.W.Bro. H.R. Carruthers, Grand Master, may have had King Edward Lodge in mind when he issued a Communication later in 1950 appealing to the Lodges to avoid ‘large spreads’ at Visitations. (Owen, unpaged)

On October 30, 1967, one hundred and three Brethren attended the Grand Lodge Visitation. The Brethren of Airisle Lodge No. 20 conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree on two candidates from their Lodge. Airisle brought its own Charter for the occasion and the Worshipful Master of Airisle Lodge, W.Bro. William Campbell joined W..Bro. Don Bearisto and Grand Master M.W.Bro. Gordon L. Bennett, Grand Master, in the East.