Several of the Brethren of Prince Edward Lodge participated in the ceremony. V.W.Bro. Harold Mayhew PM carried the Holy Bible, Square and Compasses and led the Grand Lodge into the Lodge Room. W.Bro. Oliver Bernard PM and W.Bro. Elton Woodside PM carried the Burning Tapers. The Lodge was borne by W.Bro. Earle Campbell PM, W.Bro. Duncan MacLeod PM, W.Bro. Henry Meek PM and W.Bro. Elmer Paynter PM. W.Bro. Eric Carr, the Worshipful Master, welcomed the Grand Lodge, called for Grand Honours and invited the Grand Lodge to examine the new Lodge Room and to dedicate it to Masonic purposes if it met with the approbation of the Lodge.

The Grand Master then presided over the Dedication of the Lodge. The Grand Lodge Officers assisting were R.W. Bro. David P. MacLean (Junior Grand Warden), R.W.Bro. Douglas M. MacDonald (Senior Grand Warden) and R.W.Bro. R. Carmen MacNeill (Deputy Grand Master). They in turn presented vessels of corn, wine and oil which the Grand Master used to dedicate the Hall to Freemasonry, Virtue and Universal Benevolence.

Following the Dedication of the Lodge the Grand Master addressed the Brethren and called upon the Worshipful Master to unveil a Plaque donated by the Worshipful Master to commemorate the occasion. (Bro. Carr’s Plaque is displayed in the East)

The Grand Master was then called upon to dedicate a number of special gifts and memorials from the Brethren. The Senior Warden’s Chair was donated by the family of W.Bro. Oliver Bernard in memory of Bro. David Bernard. A one-hundred -year-old Masonic Chart depicting many essential symbols of Freemasonry and a stylized copy of the Lord’s Prayer was presented by the Bernard Family of French River in memory of Bro. William A. Bernard. The Door Knockers were donated by V.W.Bro. J. Garth Gillespie, Grand Tyler and M.W.Bro. Archibald E. Campbell. A hand-crafted Wall Mat was donated by Mrs. Gerald Meek. M.W.Bro. Campbell also dedicated the new Master’s Chair which he presented to the Lodge to celebrate the occasion. (Campbell, p.10)

The Lodge Room was further adorned by some other gifts that were not available for dedication in August. The decorative iron railing in the East was assembled and donated by Brother Arthur Hitchcock on September 7, 1977. The North Granville United Church donated three high-back upholstered chairs in November 1977. The Gavels and Stands at the three Principal Stations in the Lodge Room were crafted and presented by W.Bro. Earle Campbell in 1983

Prince Edward Lodge No. 14
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Prince Edward Lodge No. 14
Graham’s Road