Bro. Cole signed the new Charter for Victoria Lodge to replace the one lost in the fire of 1955. M.W.Bro. Cole died in Office on January 9, 1962. His many material contributions to the Lodge included the Kneeling Bench (1952), wooden Masonic Emblem for the exterior east wall (1952) and the Secretary’s Desk (1958).

M.W.Bro. Archibald E. Campbell (1977-78) was raised in Markland Lodge No. 99 in Kingston, Nova Scotia. He was a Charter Member of Airisle Lodge No. 20 in 1962 and affiliated with Prince Edward Lodge in the same year. M.W.Bro. Campbell had the honour of presiding at the Consecration and Dedication of the new Masonic Hall and Lodge Room for Prince Edward Lodge No. 14 on August 27, 1977. He also presided at the Centennial Celebrations for Orient Lodge No. 11 in September 1977. M.W.Bro. Campbell researched and wrote a very complete history of Prince Edward Lodge in two volumes (1885-1968 and 1968-1985)

M.W.Bro. J. Garth Gillespie (1986-87) aimed to establish a greater understanding among Freemasons of the workings of Grand Lodge and the responsibilities that Craft Lodges and Grand Lodge have to each other. Speakers at the Grand Lodge Visitations and at inter-Lodge visits during the Winter focussed on topics that helped to promote greater awareness of Jurisdictional issues and the teachings of Freemasonry. M.W.Bro. Gillespie issued a Circular prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages for other than ceremonial or ritualistic work on premises owned or used by Craft Lodges in this Jurisdiction. M.W.Bro. Gillespie had the honour to welcome the delegates and guests at three National Masonic meetings in the Province in 1986 viz.the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada on August 23, the Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada on August 27 and Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree of the A.&A.S.R. of Freemasonry of Canada, on September11-13

In June 1997 R.W.Bro. G. Elmer Paynter was installed as Deputy Grand Master. R.W.Bro. Paynter was stricken with cancer soon after and died on October 4, 1997. M.W.Bro. S. Forrest Dumville, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island conferred the Honorary Rank of “Most Worshipful” on Bro. Paynter at his home in Spring Brook on September 30, 1997. In June 1998 V.W.Bro. Grant Paynter, Past Grand Organist, presented a Masonic Wreath as a memorial to his father. The Wreath was prominently displayed in an oak case under glass in the East of the Lodge Room.

In 1999 W.Bro. James Jollimore PM donated a Trophy in memory of M.W.Bro. G. Elmer Paynter. The Trophy was intended as an annual Award to a participant in the Masonic Curling Bonspiel at Crapaud with the criterion to be determined each year by the organizers of the event. In 1999 the Trophy was awarded to the oldest curler, W.Bro. Jack Rodd PM of St. John’s Lodge No. 1. In making the presentation Bro. Jollimore requested that the Trophy be returned to Prince Edward Lodge during a Regular Communication by a visiting group of Brethren from the Lodge of the recipient.