In addition to the series of renovations and improvements several items of equipment and paraphernalia were added to the Lodge Room in Stanley Bridge. The Lodge Seal cost $12.75 in 1885. Settees and chairs were purchased for $23.48 in 1885. (Campbell, p. 30) Lamps with reflectors were purchased for $2.49 in 1898. New Collars not exceeding $1 each were approved in 1899 and purchased in 1903 for $18.64. (Campbell, p.28) The Ashlars were purchased in 1952 for $12. (Minutes, December 3, 1952)

One of the most fascinating items displayed in the Lodge Room is ‘The Weapon’, a large knife that was presented in 1934 by M.W.Bro. A.S. MacKay PGM who bought it from an Armenian, Alex Trask of Vancouver. The caption with the display indicated that the item dated back to Constantine in 4th Century and that Mr. Trask obtained it from a Turkish Cave.

In the 1970s it became evident that the Lodge building needed extensive repairs. The option of finding a new Lodge Room was considered and on February 7, 1973 the Lodge voted to advise the School Board of Unit II that the Lodge was interested in purchasing Stanley Bridge School which had become vacant after School Consolidation in 1972. No further action on the issue was recorded for almost three years.

In 1975 the Brethren shifted their attention to Graham’s Road School as a possible Lodge Room. The Graham’s Road Women’s Institute had first option to buy the School under School Board Policy but the group was not able to finance the needed repairs. The Women’s Institute was willing to support the Lodge in its bid if its members could have space in the new facility. At a Special Communication, the Lodge approved a motion to submit a bid on the School and to seek a letter of support from Graham’s Road Women’s Institute. (Minutes, October 20, 1975)

In December the Lodge was advised that its bid for the School was successful and the decision was made to move the Prince Edward Lodge to Graham’s Road with a target date of July 1976 for opening. The vote on the motion to move was 10 : 2 in favour. A motion was also approved to expend $15,000 to ready the new Lodge Room. (Minutes, December 3, 1975)

The Brethren met at the School on Saturday, March 6, 1976 to determine what renovations were required to establish a suitable Lodge Room. The Building Committee to oversee the project consisted of Bro. Ralph Woodside, W.Bro. William MacEwen PM, Bro. Fred Paynter and W.Bro. James Jollimore, the Worshipful Master in 1976.

Work on the project began in the spring of 1976. The upper level was renovated for the Lodge Room and the lower level was converted into a dining and meeting area. A record of the contributions in time and money from each Brother was maintained. A Deed for the new property was presented on July 7, 1976.