The Meek Family have long been associated with Prince Edward Lodge. Bro. Hillard Meek was raised in 1937 and in 1958 Bro. Henry Meek began his distinguished Masonic Career. His five sons followed in the course of thirty years and a picture was taken of Bro. Meek and his five sons in October 1989 when Bro. Darin Meek rehearsed his Master Mason Lecture. The achievement matched the record previously set by the Lavers Family in St. George’s Lodge No. 4 in 1951.

The first member of the Lodge to serve in Grand Lodge was W.Bro. Roderick MacNeill who was appointed Junior Grand Steward in 1885. Bro. MacNeill was a Charter Member of Prince Edward Lodge, served as its first Worshipful Master and was a powerful influence in the cause of Freemasonry in this Province. In 1910 Bro. MacNeill was made an Honorary Member of Prince Edward Lodge. He was the first 33° Scottish Rite Mason on Prince Edward Island and his son, Daniel, later presented his father’s Scottish Rite Regalia to the Lodge. It was prominently displayed in a case under glass on the East Wall of the Lodge Room.

The following six Brethren from the Lodge have served as Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island:

M.W.Bro. Roderick MacNeill (1895-96) was the father of the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund. M.W.Bro. MacNeill was the principal force in the establishment of the Scottish Rite Bodies in this Province in the 1890’s. He intervened in the issue of moving True Brothers Lodge from Tryon and declared a moratorium on the matter.

M.W.Bro. Edward W. MacKay (1923-24) dedicated the new Lodge Room for King Hiram Lodge No3 and Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 6 (Journal Building) at a Special Communication of Grand Lodge on May 28, 1924. M.W.Bro. MacKay’s Grand Lodge career was interrupted in 1915 when he went overseas for Military Service. He was re-appointed as Senior Grand Deacon in 1920.

M.W.Bro. Harland P. Found (1939-40) requested each Grand Lodge Officer to do a presentation during the Grand Lodge Visitations on one of the symbols of Freemasonry. A Resolution of Loyalty to King George VI prompted by the outbreak of WWII was passed unanimously at the Annual Communication in 1940.

M.W.Bro. James Cole (1961-62) was unable to attend the Annual Communication on June 28, 1961 due to ill health. At his request the Installation was held in the Prince Edward Lodge Room on September 6, 1961. M.W.Bro. Cole was installed by M.W.Bro. Reginald E. Kemp PGM.