The Stanley Bridge Dramatic Club, comprised mostly of Masons and their families, was of “great assistance in paying off the expense of renovating the Hall in 1924.” (Campbell, p. 25) A donation of $125 from the Club was noted in October1926. The performance skills of the Brethren were also featured several years later when the Lodge presented a playlett at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge on June 27,1934 in Charlottetown. The Playlett entitled “Harmony Being The Strength” was written by M.W.Bro. Reginald Harris, Grand Master of Nova Scotia. The presentation “was most instructive and was greatly appreciated..” (Proceedings, 1934, p.75) Fourteen Brethren from Prince Edward Lodge were present including the Worshipful Master, Bro. Harland P. Found.

Much volunteer labour went into most of the repair projects of the Lodge. In 1925 after the renovations were complete the Brethren assembled on the morning of November 10 to build a fence on the east side of the property. The Brethren were requested to bring tools and boards with them. In 1927 a Committee was appointed to erect a flagpole on the building and to purchase a Masonic Flag. (Minutes, July 6, 1927)

Electric lights were installed in 1956. Bro. Earle Campbell did the wiring at a cost of $ 226. The Lodge borrowed $200 from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund for the Project. (Minutes, October 3, 1956) An interesting note in theMinutes of March 5, 1958 referred to a cheque for $28.72 received from Canadian Oil for energy drawn from the Masonic Hall while constructing a Service Station across the road.

In 1958 the road in front of the Hall was widened and the Hall had to be moved back. A new foundation was placed and the moving was carried out by Mr. Wesley Cole. The Committee that supervised the project and organized the volunteer work by the Brethren consisted of Bro. Frank Bell, Bro. Oliver Bernard and Bro. Elmer Fyfe. A oil-burning stove replaced the coal-burning unit in the newly-situated Hall.

On St. John’s Night in 1958 the Lodge honoured the retiring Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Frank Bell, for his diligent work during the relocation and remodelling of the Masonic Hall. He was presented with a Past Master’s Jewel. It was noted that Bro. Bell had achieved near perfect attendance during his forty years in the Lodge.

In 1970-71 the Lodge had to replace the heating system following a malfunction with the oil-burning unit and smoke damage to the Lodge Room and regalia. A new forced air unit was installed with the Sterling Women’s Institute paying one-half of the cost. (Campbell p.1)