On April 26, 1985 one hundred and twenty-four members and guests attended an inaugural event at New London Lions Hall. Following a meal several presentations were made. W.Bro. Harold Bernard PM was recognized as the oldest Freemason in attendance. W.Bro. Ian Henderson PM received a gift in appreciation for his twenty years as Lodge Secretary. Prince Edward Masonic Choir presented a beautiful Altar Cloth and Cushion to the Lodge. (A picture of the presentation is displayed in the Lodge Room.) M.W.Bro. Gordon Bennett PGM addressed the gathering. The evening ended with a dance.

The Annual Lobster Supper on June 5 was the occasion for another special ceremony. After the meal the Brethren and guests assembled in the Lodge Room for entertainment and presentations. The new Collars were presented to each Lodge Officer by R.W.Bro. Garth Gillespie, Deputy Grand Master, and W.Bro.. Wendell MacDowell, Worshipful Master. M.W.Bro. Archibald Campbell PGM outlined the meaning of the Jewel on each Collar and Bro. Gillespie reviewed the duties of each Office. M.W.Bro. Campbell and his wife, Rebecca, presented new Bible Markers and Square and Compasses as a memorial to V.W.Bro. Oliver Bernard PM who had died in October 1984.

On Saturday, August 10 a pot luck barbecue and games day was held for the children of the eight districts that comprise the Prince Edward Jurisdiction. Bro. Gary MacDougall with the support of several Brethren arranged the activities. M.W.Bro. Major Reid, Grand Master, attended.

The Brethren attended Divine Worship at Stanley Bridge United Church on October 13. A special Scroll was presented to W.Bro. H.S. MacEwen PM in recognition of his sixty-five years as a member of the Lodge. (Campbell, p. 23)

On St. John’s Night the traditional goose supper was held followed by the Installation of new Officers. R.W.Bro. Garth Gillespie presented a new carrying case for the use of the Lodge Secretary.

Several Centennial gifts were received in the following year. The two Pillars were presented in February 1986 by W.Bro. William MacEwen in memory of his father, Bro. Montgomery MacEwen. The Pillars were crafted by W.Bro. Eric Heaney PM. In June W.Bro. Ralph Woodside presented a Past Masters’ Plaque listing the names of all Worshipful Masters since 1885. The large wooden Plaque was a Memorial to Bro. Woodside’s father, W.Bro. Elton Woodside PM. The Lodge later added a second Plaque to display the names of Worshipful Masters in the Lodge’s second century. The Plaque was presented in January 1991 in memory of W.Bro.Ralph Woodside PM who died in a tractor accident on September 14, 1990.