The Hall required considerable maintenance over the years and the Brethren were faithful in attending to these needs as well as providing for a functional and well-equipped Lodge Room.

In the early years while the Hall was managed by a Board of Trustees the Lodge seemed to have some difficulty in getting the needed repairs done. In 1889 the Lodge voted $30 to the Trustees to assist with the extension to the Hall while requesting that an enclosed stairway with entrance from the lower floor be provided. The Church erected the entrance through a porch instead. On October 4, 1899 a motion was approved to request the Trustees to assess the roof and to have repairs if needed carried out at once. On November 1, 1901 a Committee was appointed to purchase the shingles and materials and to shingle the roof.

In 1912 the Masonic Ceiling that still adorns the present Lodge Room in Graham’s Road was purchased at Holman’s for $30 and installed for $23 by Joseph Dunning and his son Ernest of Long River.

Following the purchase of the Hall by the Lodge in 1919, $500 was approved for the Committee of five Managers “to seat and extend said Hall.” ( Minutes, August 4, 1920) No further details on the work were provided in the Minutes. Portraits of several of those Brethren who contributed greatly to the revival of the Lodge at that time were displayed in the Lodge Room. W.Bro. J.H. Simpson PM and W.Bro. A.E. Fyfe PM were two of special note.

A Chapter of Eastern Star was being considered at that time and the Brethren voted to rent the Lodge Room to the Order “should same be organized.” (Minutes, December 20, 1920) Princess Chapter No. 2 was instituted on June 28, 1921. The Annual rent for the Chapter was set at $12 in 1925. The Charter of the Chapter was surrendered in 1935.

The first major re-modelling of the building occurred in 1924-25. The Brethren met in Bro. Nicholson’s Tailor Shop to plan the renovations. (Minutes, June 9, 1924) The contract for repairs and extension was arranged with Mr. Best for $1050. The Lodge borrowed $800 @ 7% from Mr. Nicholson. (Minutes, November 5, 1924) Various fundraisers were used to pay off the debt. A concert ($150) and dance ($34) were held in 1924 and a lecture ($26.75) and concert ($43.20) in 1925. The debt was finally paid off in 1937 when a final payment of $126.60 was voted. (Minutes, April 7 )