Grand Lodge issued a Dispensation to Prince Edward Lodge dated February 21, 1885. The principal Officers named in the Dispensation were:

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Roderick MacNeill
Senior Warden W.Bro. George B. MacKay
Junior Warden W.Bro. Daniel Sutherland

The Brethren wasted no time in starting their labours. The first Communication was held on March 4 and a Committee was appointed to arrange for furnishings for the Lodge Room.. The first Application for Membership was received from Mr. A.J. MacLeod, an undertaker and merchant from Stanley Bridge. The Brethren held a Lodge of Instruction on March 12 to practice for the Entered Apprentice Degree which was conferred for Bro. MacLeod on April 1, 1885. The Lodge prepared a set of Bye-Laws in thirty-three sections on the same date. (Campbell, p.5)

The Regular Communication on July 1, 1885 was an historic occasion for the Lodge. R.W.Bro. Simon W. Crabbe, Deputy Grand Master, R.W.Bro. George Wakeford and Bro. John Ross of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island were in attendance to present the Charter, dedicate the Lodge Room and install the Officers. Following the Communication the Grand Lodge Officers were taken by horse and wagon to Breadalbane to meet the train to Charlottetown. (Campbell, p.5)

The fourteen Charter Members listed on the Warrant were the same Brethren who signed the Petition to establish the Lodge viz. Roderick MacNeill, George B. McKay, Daniel Sutherland, James Squarebriggs, Harry Squarebriggs, George Murphy, Norman Nicholson, Hugh McKay, John H. Garrett, William McKay, James S. McKay, Harrington Bradshaw, John Binns and Richard Found.

The Lodge Room in Stanley Bridge was located in ‘The Hall’ which was built in the 1860’s by the local Presbyterian Church. The Church officials rented the second storey to Prince Edward Lodge. The Presbyterian Church used the lower level until a new Church was built in 1895. Efforts by the Brethren to purchase the Hall after 1895 were denied by the Church until 1919 when $50 was accepted for the building and lot (3/20 acre) The Indenture for the purchase was dated October 18, 1919. A Committee of five Brethren was appointed to manage the Hall. (Minutes,November 5, 1919)

The prolonged struggle by the Brethren in purchasing the Hall property from the Church prompted Grand Lodge to apply to the Legislative Assembly requesting an amendment to the Act incorporating the Trustees of the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund to enable non-incorporated Craft Lodges to purchase property and to have the Deed of Conveyance held ‘In Trust’ by the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund. (Proceedings, 1918, pp. 53-54) The Amendment was enacted in the next session of the Legislature and the Brethren of Prince Edward Lodge were thus enabled to negotiate the purchase of the property.