A Report of the event was presented in Lodge and showed that while many were inconvenienced, Bro. MacKenzie, the caterer, suffered the most. Many of his dishes were broken and food taken by the “rescuing party’ in the small boat. He submitted a claim for $30. The Lodge denied the request having guaranteed the Committee $30 only in the event of rain. (Minutes, October 1, 1888)

A Committee was appointed to review the matter. After a detailed investigation the Committee submitted a report on December 3 recommending that Bro. MacKenzie be reimbursed for his losses. The vote on a motion to table the Report was tied and the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John A. Lawson, cast the deciding vote against the motion. The Lodge then passed a motion to pay Bro. MacKenzie $25. The Review Committee had calculated his losses at $66.42.

To compensate the Brethren who lost out when the picnic was cut short, the Lodge organized a Soiree on April 11, 1889 and provided complimentary tickets to all “who were unfortunately debarred in consequence of the Steamer “Southport’ grounding on Governor’s Island.” (Minutes, May 6, 1889)

In 1874 Victoria Lodge was one of eight Lodges in the Province that participated in discussions leading to the formation of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. The first meeting was held in St. John’s Lodge Room on October 31, 1874. Bro. John Morrison as senior Past Master was elected Chairman of that meeting. TheMinutes of Victoria Lodge made no reference to the October meeting. On December 10, 1874 the Lodge received a Communication from “Bro. McGowan, Secretary of the Grand Lodge Convention.” (Bro. P. Stainforth McGowan was a member of St. John’s Lodge and had been appointed District Grand Secretary by W.Bro. Adam Murray when he was commissioned as District Grand Master in 1871) The letter requested Victoria Lodge to appoint delegates to attend a meeting at St. John’s Lodge on December 13 regarding the establishment of “an Independent Grand Lodge for this Island.” The Lodge appointed W.Bro. John W. Morrison PM, W.Bro. Neil Rankin PM and W.Bro. Alexander MacKenzie, Worshipful Master, as delegates. Bro. Morrison, Bro. MacKenzie and W.Bro. B. Wilson Higgs were appointed to attend the third meeting in Mount Lebanon Lodge Room in Summerside on February 19, 1875. They were instructed to vote in favour of the establishment of the Grand Lodge “to be organized shortly after the opening of navigation.”

Victoria Lodge hosted the second day of the two-day meeting in June 1875 when the Grand Lodge was organized. Bro. Higgs and Bro. MacKenzie were appointed in Summerside “to make the necessary celebration on the occasion of the establishment of the Grand Lodge.” Victoria Lodge added five more members to the Committee.