M.W.Bro. William Keith Rogers (1907-08) presided at his second Annual Communication in the new Lodge Room in the Crabbe Block in Summerside. M.W.Bro. Rogers was raised in Mount Lebanon Lodge and affiliated with Victoria in 1903. As a continued commitment to the Benevolent Fund, he served as a Trustee from 1909 until his death in 1937.

M.W.Bro. Walter P. Doull

(1909-10) presided at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Communication where approval was given to a new Constitution which included a provision for Associate Life Membership for any Brother who had thirty-five years of active membership in one or more of the Lodges. As an ardent student of Freemasonry he precipitated many struggles in the his Lodge and the Lodge of Perfection on matters of governance.

M.W.Bro. George S. Inman (1914-15) issued an appeal to all Masons for a contribution of $1 to support Canada Lodge in the establishment of the Queens Military Hospital in London, England to serve Canada’s wounded during WWI. Donations totalling $1075 were received from a membership of approximately eight hundred.

M.W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers Jr.

(1917-18) recommended that every Craft Lodge procure a Union Jack for display in the east at every Communication.

M.W.Bro. John MacNevin (1921-22)

laid the Foundation Stone for the Protestant Orphanage in Mount Herbert on September 14, 1921.

M.W.Bro. William J. Drake (1927-28)

presided at the dedication of new Lodge Rooms for Prince of Wales Lodge on October 14 and Saint Andrew’s Lodge on October 17. M.W.Bro. Drake endorsed the Charters of King Hiram Lodge and Mount Lebanon Lodge authorizing the amalgamation of the two Lodges on December 27, 1927.

M.W.Bro. Howard E. Ward

(1936-37) recommended the printing and distribution of the Masonic Burial Service that was compiled by R.W.Bro. E.T. Carbonell, Past Grand Secretary, and which was sanctioned and authorized by M.W.Bro. L.M MacKinnon PGM in 1919.

M.W.Bro. Reginald H. Rogers.(1941-42) encouraged the establishment of a central Masonic Library and the compiling of Lodge Histories.

M.W.Bro. William R. Carson

(1945-46) was an ardent advocate for a standard Ritual in the Jurisdiction. The Paid Up Membership Plan was adopted in June 1946.

M.W.Bro. George G. Wood (1948-49) attended the First Conference of Canadian Grand Lodges A.F & A.M. in Toronto and was elected Chairman for the Second All Canadian to be held in Winnipeg in 1950. M.W.Bro. Wood was Chairman for the Eastern Canada Conference of Grand Lodges which met in Charlottetown in May 1949. He recommended the formation of a Board of General Purposes to assist the Worshipful Master in administering the affairs of Grand Lodge.