The emergence of a third Lodge in the City in 1875 also meant change and challenge for Victoria Lodge. On June 16, 1875 Bro. B. Wilson Higgs announced in Lodge that “he had a Communication from seven Master Masons of Charlottetown asking that no objection be made by Victoria Lodge to them forming a new Lodge.” An agreement was reached in July 1875 to sub-let the Lodge Room to the new Lodge. King Solomon Lodge No. 9 agreed to pay one-half of the total annual rent and a pro rata amount for gas and fuel as determined by annual bills and number of meetings. Charges for the use of the furniture and Regalia were “left to their own judgement and discretion.” (Minutes, July 28, 1875) Although the two Lodges enjoyed good relations and held many social events together, overdue accounts were soon reported and Victoria Lodge considered ways to collect from the new Lodge. By 1881 the total debt was $238. King Solomon Lodge surrendered its Charter in 1883. Victoria Lodge received certificates from the Grand Secretary for seven members of King Solomon Lodge who were elected as members. Four of the members were elected to Office in Victoria Lodge in 1883. (Minutes, December 26, 1883)

Perhaps the most difficult consequence of the change of jurisdictions for Victoria Lodge was the need to change the colour of the Lodge Regalia. Under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Lodge wore dark blue with gold trim. Lodges chartered under the Grand Lodge of England wore light blue Collars with silver trim. The Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island chose dark blue with gold trim for its Officers and stipulated light blue and silver trim for the Craft Lodges. Victoria Lodge protested and was permitted to continue with its colours pending the acquisition of new Regalia. V.W.Bro. Doull stated that “perhaps nothing in history ever agitated the membership of Victoria Lodge or was as fruitful of discussion as the collar question.” ( Jubilee Resume) The issue was resolved in 1903 when W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers Jr. presented a new set of Officers Aprons to the Lodge. (Minutes, April 6, 1903) In November 1903 the Worshipful Master, Bro. George D. Wright and the Senior Warden, Bro. Bruce Stewart, donated new Collars for the Lodge Officers.

In 1999 the Gold Trim returned when the Lodge purchased new Regalia with the distinctive accent to signify one hundred years as a Craft Lodge. The old Regalia was donated to Prince of Wales Lodge No. 18 and the new was presented in a ceremony on May 3, 1999 conducted by W.Bro. Ron Tallon PM. Many of the Lodge Aprons were refurbished with Gold Trim and the Master’s Collar and Apron were donated by W.Bro. Alvin MacSwain PM.