Following the fire the Brethren were offered temporary quarters in the I.O.O.F. Hall at 134 Richmond Street. At the first Communication on January 4, 1956 an Altar Bible was donated by the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Ernest C. Evans and Bro. Cecil Barbour. Bro. Barbour also donated a new Gavel. Bro. G.R. Lea was thanked for restoring the Ballot Box.

The first of several Joint Communications with St. John’s Lodge to plan for the future quarters was held on March 7, 1956. W.Bro. Clarence Walker reported for the Joint Committee on facilities. He listed more than fifteen sites that were considered. The preference was to return to the old location at 65 Grafton Street. The Committee had obtained a ninety-day option on the old site for $20,000. The Brethren registered a 100% standing vote in favour of returning to the former site.

The option of returning to the former site was abandoned later in 1956 due to “a slight technicality” as reported at a Joint Meeting of the Lodges in November. On December 15 twenty-seven Brethren assembled to hear the Report of the Building Committee. Members were asked to approve the purchase of the Kemp Property on Hillsboro Street from among four properties under consideration. The Committee indicated that a large hall would be built at the rear of the Kemp residence at a cost not exceeding $22,000. The proposal carried “with several dissenting voters from Victoria Lodge.”

Victoria Lodge held its first Communication in the new Temple at 204 Hillsboro Street on September 30, 1957. The early move to the unfinished quarters was prompted by the loss of the I.O.O.F. Hall in a fire on September 1, 1957. The Grand Lodge Visitation in 1957 was held at the Y.M.C.A. but the Installation of new Officers was held in the new Lodge Room on December 27. Victoria Lodge conferred its first Degrees in the new Lodge Room on January 20, 1958. Candidates C.W. Fanning, G.R. MacDonald, S.J. Tibbo, N.V. Harris and C.D. Gillis received their Entered Apprentice Degrees at a Special Communication with W.Bro. Keith MacKinnon presiding. Annual rent was $1200 in 1958 compared to $176.25 in 1954 at the old Temple.

On June 14, 1958 Brethren from across the Jurisdiction assembled for the laying of the Corner Stone and the Dedication and Consecration of the new Temple. M.W.Bro. C. Gordon Lord of Victoria Lodge presided at the ceremonies