In 1864 the lower hall was finished and made available for rent. The Port Hill Lodge Order of Good Templars were secured in 1871 at £2 / 10 annually. The local Debating Club rented the lower hall for £3 annually. The Lodge was also fortunate to have the Prince County Court rent the lower hall. The arrangement began in 1889 and lasted sixty years and brought an annual rent of $160.

A horse barn was built at the back in 1885 for $125. In 1957 the barn was sold for $205. For a few years the Lodge had a Barn Committee which accounted annually to the Lodge. The work of cleaning and locking the barn was part of the duties of the Janitor of the Lodge.

At first the janitorial work was handled by a three-member committee. Later the position of Janitor was filled by an auction. W.Bro. R.T. Oulton submitted the lowest bid in 1871 at £1 / 18 / . In 1886 W.Bro W.R. Ellis had the lowest bid at $12. The duties went for $9.75 in 1889 but rose to $30 by 1926.

The schedule of Degree work in the early years was quite remarkable. In the first seven years one hundred and seventy-seven Degrees were conferred. Fifty-two Brethren were raised. The first candidate raised was W.Bro. John Montgomery on March 7, 1864. At the same Communication three candidates received their Entered Apprentice Degree and one Fellow Craft Degree was conferred. Some of the candidates were sea-faring persons who required special consideration in the scheduling of Degrees. One noted example was that of Captain John Brooks who applied on August 7, 1868. He was balloted on and received his Entered Apprentice Degree on August 15. The Fellow Craft Degree was conferred on August 24 and he was raised on August 31 just twenty-four days after petitioning. The first candidate raised by Dispensation in less than the normal time was W.Bro. Thomas Milligan. Bro. Milligan’s grandson, W.Bro. James Milligan Sr., is a Life Member of Alexandra Lodge and presently resides at the South Shore Villa in Crapaud.

In spite of the heavy schedule of Degree work the Brethren were not satisfied with the quality of their presentation. The Charts were received in 1871 and W.Bro. James Reilly PM provided instruction on their uses. W.Bro. William Ellis attended workshops on instruction in Charlottetown in the winter of 1871-72 and afterwards was pleased to assist the Brethren. In March 1900 a motion was adopted to disallow the use of books during Degree work. W.Bro. Edmund Maynard was appointed as a prompter.

The first record of attendance at Divine Worship was in 1881 when the Brethren attended St. James Anglican Church on December 27. Regalia was first worn at Divine Worship in 1891. It is now the custom of the Lodge to attend Divine Worship annually. In 1994 an Open House was held at the Lodge Room after the Divine Service.

The first recorded Memorial Service was for W.Bro. Archibald MacIntosh on April 7, 1893. W.Bro William R. Ellis was the orator. The Lodge sets aside a full page in the Minute Book as a Memorial to each deceased Brother. Since 1997 the Memorial Page also contained details on the Memorial Service including the Orator’s name and the names of Brethren in attendance.