In later years there have been several major improvement projects carried out. During the 1950’s considerable improvement occurred. The roof was shingled in 1952 at a cost of $155.57. W.Bro. Ord Sharpe of O’Leary rebuilt the chimney at a cost of $21 for labour and materials. The electrical hook-up in October 1954 cost $47. The building was wired in 1955 at a cost of $272. In 1957 a decision was made to enlarge the building to create a kitchen, washroom and furnace room downstairs and an Ante Room upstairs. W.Bro. W.P. Newcombe was selected to serve as foreman and contractor for the project. The Lodge borrowed $4000 from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund. Two bonds was redeemed at a value of approximately $1200 and seventy shares in the Masonic Temple in Charlottetown were redeemed. The remainder of the $7500 project was raised by members pledging $10 per year for five years. Drapes for the Lodge Room were made in 1957 by Mrs. Henry Maynard, Mrs. William Maynard and Mrs. Wilfred MacDougall. Those drapes were replaced in 1993 when the work was done by Mrs. Peter Ballum. The paling fence was replaced by wire and posts in 1957. A furnace was added in 1957 at a cost of $1000 and the washroom was furnished in 1962 through a subscription list of the members. It is interesting to recall that the Lodge raised fourteen Master Masons in 1957 and also received one hundred and forty Brethren at the Grand Lodge Visitation. The Annual Goose Supper on St. John’s Night was suspended from 1956 through 1958 due perhaps to the extra financial commitment of members to repair work. The total debt for the series of improvements was cleared off by 1973.

A Carpet Fund was established in 1975 and the Lodge Room and adjacent areas were carpeted in 1980 at a cost of $2266. The Fund was initiated as a result of a donation of $500 from the estate of W.Bro. Heber Craig PM..

In 1980 major redecorating also occurred in the lower level. The kitchen was remodelled, a new window was installed, new cupboards were built and considerable painting was done. Several Brethren including W.Bro. Albert Sharpe and W.Bro. Thomas Vernon MacKay donated material for the project.

In 1984 a fire escape was constructed by Brothers Murdock Enman, Clyde Minard, Alvin Hardy and Paul Burleigh. The cost of materials was $650.

In 1991-92 painting and roof repairs were carried out. The tender for two coats of paint was $1475. A Brother donated the shingles and the Lodge funded the labour costs. W.Bro. George Phillips provided funding for new kitchen cupboards in 1992.

In the past five years painting and roof repairs have involved considerable volunteer work and a subscription list by the members. The shingling work in 1997 cost $1683. The Lodge raised $1000. with a raffle of lobster in 1998.

Alexandra Lodge No. 5
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Alexandra Lodge Room
Port Hill