Port Hill, Prince Edward Island
Established 1863

2020 membership 19

Meets 1st Thursday in each month at 8:00 pm
at the Masonic Lodge, Port Hill
(At intersection where Hwy 12 makes sharp change of direction)

A History of Alexandra Lodge No. 5 – Est. 1863

This article is reprinted from The Pattern Set For Us: A History of the Concordant and Related Bodies of Freemasonry Past and Present on Prince Edward Island with the kind permission of the author, RW Bro. George Doughart, Grand Historian.


A Summary of Alexandra Lodge 1863-1996, W.Bro. Donald F. MacLean PM.

Alexandra Lodge No. 5, Port Hill, P.E.I., History 1863-1963, V.W.Bro. D. Stuart Montgomery PM, August 21, 1963

“History of Alexandra Lodge # 5, 1863-1938″, Grand Lodge Proceedings 1938 pp.102-106.

Lodge Minutes, (The Minutes for 1889-1895 are missing)

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.

In 1863 several members of King Hiram Lodge who resided in the western part of the Jurisdiction began proceedings to institute a Lodge closer to their homes. The main force behind the request was W.Bro. John Yeo who later became the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. Other petitioners from the western part of the Colony were Bros. Daniel Hockin, Donald C. Ramsay, Hugh Ramsay, Donald MacIntosh, James Campbell and Charles Compton. The Petition, dated April 9, 1863, was forwarded to the M.W. Earl of Zetland, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. The members of King Hiram Lodge who also added their names in support of the Petition were W.Bro. Thomas Hunt, Worshipful Master of the Lodge, W.Bro. David Rogers, W.Bro. Benjamin Mills, W.Bro. James Reichman, W.Bro D.S. Hunt, W.Bro. George Compton, W.Bro. George Hinton, W.Bro. Thomas Brehaut and W.Bro. James Rielly. The Charter was dated August 21, 1863 and designated Alexandra Lodge as No. 983 in the Grand Registry of England and authorized the following as principal Officers:

Worshipful Master John Yeo
Senior Warden Daniel Hockin*
Junior Warden Donald C. Ramsay

* The records of the Lodge indicate that Bro. Hugh Ramsay was installed as the first Junior Warden rather than Bro. Hockin as specified on the Charter.

The name of the Lodge was attributed to the wife of the Prince of Wales, Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The Prince later became King Edward V11.