In 1889 the idea of a Charity Fund was dropped in lieu of a Standing Committee on Charity to deal with each case of need. W.Bro. William Ellis PM built the finely-crafted box to collect the funds. A new Charity Box was donated by W.Bro. Murdock Enman PM in 1988. The Charity Box is passed around at each Regular Communication and funds are managed in a separate account. The funds have been used to benefit others in the local community as well as abroad. Prior to the establishment of the Committee, the Lodge voted in 1876 to send $100 to Brethren in Saint John, New Brunswick who had suffered loss in a fire that ravaged much of the City. In 1902 $35 was forwarded to a Brother of Zetland Lodge who had lost his crop in a hailstorm. In 1910 $125 was voted to purchase a horse for a Brother who had lost a team. Later during the Great War money was forwarded to the Canadian Hospital Fund in London, England. In 1951 the Voluntary Fund was established. It was administered by trustees appointed by the Lodge. In 1956 $100 was sent to Laurie Lodge in Springhill, Nova Scotia to aid victims of the mine disaster. The local Allied Youth Club and Figure Skating Club also received donations from the Lodge. Providing treats/gifts for elderly and shut-in Brethren at Christmas has been a practice in the Lodge for many years. The Fund has served a host of special needs in the families of Brethren.

Alexandra Lodge participated in the discussions leading to the formation of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island in 1875. W.Bro W.R. Ellis PM was selected to attend the planning meetings. The final meeting was held in February 1875 in the Mount Lebanon Lodge Room and Bro. Ellis was accompanied by W.Bro. John Yeo PM and W.Bro. T.H. Pope. Bro. Yeo became the first Grand Master in 1875 and held the position until 1888. Grand Lodge placed a commemorative Plaque on his gravestone at the St. James Cemetery during Centennial Picnic in Port Hill in 1975. Bro. Ellis became Grand Master in 1902.

Alexandra Lodge was designated No. 5 on the Registry of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island and a new Charter was issued. The Original Charter was retained and has been displayed on the north wall of the Lodge Room.

The Brethren have maintained a consistent schedule of social activity throughout the Lodge’s history. St. John’s Night was first celebrated with a goose supper in 1867. The supper followed the Installation of Officers. The ladies became part of the celebration in 1881. As the daughter Lodge, Zetland No. 7 was often invited to join the celebration. Eventually the supper was moved to a different night because of the length of the Installation proceedings. The preparation of a goose supper was replaced by catering service in 1973. A ticket for the banquet at the King George Hall in 1973 was $3. A lobster supper at Green Park in June 1982 cost the members $4 per plate. The program for those earlier celebrations included slides, sing song, travelogues or guest speaker.

The Brethren have been ever-faithful in the care and maintenance of the Lodge building. In 1870 the exterior was painted and the roof was tarred. In apologizing to the Brethren because the walls were not whiter, the Committee in charge stated that it was “due to the body of dark that had to be put on to hide the red”. The members were assured that “it will get whiter after a while”. A paling fence was erected in 1870 and an iron railing and gate was located at the front. The latter was constructed by Mr. John Ellis at a cost of £8 / 8 / and was described in theMinutes of October 6, 1870 as “quite an ornament to the front of our hall.” In 1926 the lot was enlarged with the purchase of twenty-five feet on the south side.