The lighted case for the Trowel was constructed and presented by W.Bro. Byron Hutchison. Bro. Yeo’s Past Master’s Jewel is also in the case. A Memorial Tablet on the East Wall of the Lodge Room was unveiled by R.W.Bro. George Wakeford PDGM during Grand Lodge Visitation on June 27, 1928. Bro. Yeo’s portrait was unveiled in the Lodge Room on October 3, 1991. An Address for the occasion was presented by W.Bro. D. Fullerton. An earlier portrait had been presented in 1874.

During the Centennial Celebrations in 1975 Grand Lodge honoured its first Grand Master.. A picnic was held at Green Park on June 26 hosted by the Lodges in the Western part of the Province and during the event the Brethren unveiled a Memorial Plaque on Bro. Yeo’s gravestone at St James Anglican Cemetery in Port Hill.

Total membership in Alexandra Lodge presents an interesting pattern of change over the one hundred and thirty-seven years of its history. After rapid growth in the early years that brought the total to fifty-five in 1879, the Lodge experienced a slow decline until the end of the Great War when a period of significant growth began. In the decade after the War membership grew from forty-five to seventy. This was again followed by a period of slow decline that lasted until the end of WWII when another era of expansion occurred that brought membership to an all-time high of ninety-seven in 1970. Since that time the Lodge has experienced the same pattern of decline that most other Craft Lodges are witnessing. The present total is forty-six including fifteen Life Members.

The Masonic Temple in Port Hill is the oldest in this Jurisdiction. The present Lodge Room with its distinctive red decor has been in continuous use for one hundred and thirty-six years. The Brethren of Alexandra Lodge past and present have crafted a rich heritage and have adhered to the principles and Landmarks of Freemasonry in an exemplary manner. The contributions and achievements of those Brethren are carefully and respectfully preserved within the Lodge Room. The impact of those works continue to be felt in the lives of individuals and families in that community and well beyond.