The Lodge celebrated its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary in 1938. Zetland Lodge and Hiram and Lebanon Lodge were invited to the Regular Communication on August 4. M.W. Bro. Donald Baker, Grand Master, was among the fifty-three Brethren present. The presiding Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Royden R. Ings. After a hearty welcome from W.Bro. W.J. Montgomery PM, W.Bro. E.J. White PM presented a history of Alexandra Lodge. M.W. Bro. Baker addressed the meeting and remarks were given by M.W.Bro. L.M. MacKinnon PGM, M.W.Bro. A.S. MacKay PGM and M.W.Bro. J.M. Nicholson PGM. Divine Service was held Lot 14 Presbyterian Church on August 7 with Bro. E.J. White as the speaker.

The Sixty-Third Annual Communication of Grand Lodge was hosted by Alexandra Lodge on June 22, 1938. The Grand Lodge Proceedings of 1938 contain a four-page history of the first seventy-five years of Alexandra Lodge.

Six members of the Lodge served in WWII. Three of those members paid the supreme sacrifice and were honoured with a Memorial Plaque that was placed in the Lodge Room in 1947. The Plaque lists Wing Commander, R. Royden Ings PM, Lieutenant Willard Caseley and Flying Officer Vincent S. MacCausland.

Several of the furnishings in the Lodge Room are a tribute to the generosity of individual members. A framed Chart depicting the three Degrees of Symbolic Masonry and the Holy Royal Arch Degree, which dates to 1743, was donated by W.Bro. W.F. Conkey and was presented in 1997 by W.Bro. Henry Birch PM. The Worshipful Master’s Collar was presented on November 24, 1998 by M.W.Bro Philip Henderson to Bro. Alvin Hardy, Worshipful Master. The Collar was a donation from W.Bro. George Phillips PM in memory of W.Bro. Henry Maynard PM. In the 1960’s Bro. Phillips built and donated the Ballot Box that is still used in the Lodge Room. He also donated the picture of Cadova, Alaska in 1988, the Masonic Bible in 1991 and the Masonic Sign above the entrance. The Regalia and Aprons are stored in a chest donated by Bro. Allison MacNeill in 1984. The organ was presented in 1986 by the MacAusland Family in memory of W.Bro. Vincent MacAusland PM. The Centennial Plaque was presented in 1975 by W.Bro. Carmen MacNeill. The Gavel, made of olive wood from Jerusalem, was a gift in 1959 from W.Bro. Leslie Dignan. The set of mahogany Working Tools crafted by Brothers Thomas Adams and Arthur MacWilliams of Mass., U.S.A. was presented on their behalf in 1959 by W.Bro. D.S. Montgomery PM. The candle snuffer at the Altar was a family hierloom and was donated by Bro. Robert Grindlay in 1965. The candles and three brass tops were donated by W.Bro. Fred Williams PM in 1996. The framed picture ‘Love in the Square’ was presented on March 7, 1996 by W.Bro. Roland Millar PM. In 1984 Lodge members and many of the families of deceased Brethren contributed to the purchase of fifty stacking chairs for the Lodge Room. The names of contributors have been engraved on two large Plaques.

Local hospitals have been generously supported by the Lodge. When the Stewart Health Centre opened, $400 was voted to furnish a room. Recently $600 was voted to upgrade the Room. A total of $1100 has been voted since 1987 toward the purchase of a defibrillator at the Health Centre. Prince County Hospital received $500 from Alexandra Lodge towards the purchase of a mammography machine and defibrillator.