Grand Lodge Visitation is a very special part of the work of Alexandra Lodge. The largest Visitation hosted by the Lodge was in 1957 when one hundred and forty Brethren attended. The Lodge had raised fourteen Master Masons in that year and ten were present to receive their certificate from M.W.Bro. C. Gordon Lord, Grand Master. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Oswald Yeo. In 1967 Alexandra Lodge had the highest average attendance at the Visitations. M.W. Bro Gordon Bennett presented a Scroll to acknowledge the support. In 1988 Alexandra Lodge had the highest total number of members present at the several Grand Lodge Visitations (108). The Grand Master was M.W.Bro. Erwin Dennis.

The Lodge celebrated its Centennial in 1963. An impressive program was presented in the Lodge Room on August 21. M.W.Bro. A.E. Lavers, the Grand Master, and R.W.Bro. Reagh Bagnall DGM were in attendance. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Henry N. Birch. Sixty-two Brethren were present. The evening began with a Worship led by W.Bro. R.O. Yeo PM and W.Bro. Donald MacLean PM. W.Bro D. Stuart Montgomery PM read a short history that he had prepared from the Lodge Minutes of the previous one hundred years. M.W.Bro. A.E. Lavers, dedicated a large Plaque to the memory of W.Bro Archibald Montgomery PM. It had been made by his son, W.Bro. R..Clair Montgomery PM. The beautiful wooden Plaque hangs on the South wall of the Lodge Room. W.Bro C.A. MacFadden, Worshipful Master of Hiram and Lebanon Lodge, then made a few remarks and introduced the guest speaker, M.W.Bro. R.A. Gordon PGM. Bro. Gordon was wearing the Regalia of Past Grand Master, Bro. John Yeo. Bro. Gordon recalled his visit as Grand Master in 1933. He spoke in detail about the start of Alexandra Lodge. He referred to W.Bro. Josiah Grant, a Charter Member of King Hiram Lodge, and “a courier on the Western Road … a colourful figure” who did much to influence the men of Port Hill to journey to St. Eleanor’s to join King Hiram Lodge. Among those was John Yeo who became an Officer in King Hiram Lodge before leading the move to establish Alexandra Lodge.

Alexandra Lodge had a total membership of ninety-three in 1963. In its first one hundred years the Lodge had raised two hundred and fifty-five Master Masons.

In 1989 the Lodge celebrated its One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. As a special project W.Bro. Paul J. Burleigh, Worshipful Master, wanted to acquire and display as many as possible of the portraits of Past Masters of the Lodge. A motion was approved on May 4 to display the pictures of Past Masters in the Ante Room and those of Grand Masters within the Lodge Room. Another special project in 1989 was the preparation of a ten-page booklet (History) of the Lodge containing membership lists, pictures of Past Grand Masters and other highlights from the Lodge’s history.

At the Official Visit of the Grand Lodge on September 18, 1989 the Worshipful Master presented a history of Alexandra Lodge. Sixty-three Brethren attended. The Grand Master was M.W.Bro. Willard Nicholson.

One of the largest bequests to Freemasonry in this Jurisdiction occurred in 1995 at Alexandra Lodge. W.Bro. George Baglole, a native of Richmond, Prince Edward Island whose Masonic career was spent in New Brunswick, requested in his Will that Alexandra Lodge be involved in the administration of his estate. He requested that money from his estate be used to provide full-tuition scholarships for students from Prince County with financial need. Mr. Baglole died in 1995.