On March 22, 1950 a meeting was held in the same Lodge Room to plan the necessary renovations. W.Bro. Ralph Adams, W.Bro. Ord Sharpe and W.Bro. Edward MacAusland PM were named to a committee to look after “renovating, cleaning and furnishing of the Lodge Room.” Five hundred dollars was borrowed from W.Bro. Clifford Livingstone to fund the work and to purchase available shares in the Hall. The work included replacing the old ceiling, sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors and installing new lights. The light fixtures and wall panelling were purchased from persons involved in dismantling the old airport facility at Mount Pleasant. (Threads of the Past, p.139)

After twenty-five years it appeared that a Lodge of Freemasons was at hand but more delays awaited the Brethren. M.W.Bro. Harry B. MacFarlane, the Grand Master, acknowledged receipt of the Petition in his Address to Grand Lodge in June, 1950 but he was awaiting ‘official correspondence’ from Zetland Lodge before granting the Dispensation. The delay in action at Zetland Lodge was due to the preoccupation of that Lodge with a nasty Masonic Trial which ended in June, 1950. At the Regular Communication of Zetland Lodge on July 13, 1950 a motion was approved that “the Brothers of Zetland Lodge was willing for a Lodge to be opened in O’Leary and the dividing line to be at Bloomfield Corner.” The motion was presented by W.Bro. J.C. Matthews PM and seconded by W.Bro. M. Roy Leard. Zetland Lodge recorded twenty-five Demits between 1951 and 1953 with most of those applicants seeking to affiliate with Corinthian Lodge. M.W.Bro. H. Randolph Carruthers, the Grand Master, and several of his Officers visited Corinthian Lodge on October 26, 1950 and instituted the Lodge ‘Under Dispensation.’ The Grand Master presented a Bible to the Lodge on behalf of Grand Lodge Officers and Past Grand Masters. He then presented the Square and Compasses as a personal gift.

The first principal Officers were:

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Errol Stetson PM
Senior Warden W.Bro. Edward R. MacAusland PM
Junior Warden Bro. Arnold W.C. Wood

At the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in June 1951 the Board of General Purposes recommended that a Charter be granted to Corinthian Lodge although its Bye-Laws had been submitted later than the time specified in the Constitution.