The need for maintenance work on the Hall appears early in the Lodge Records. An estimate of $1500 for raising the building and installation of new windows and floors in April, 1951 proved too costly and the Brethren voted “to leave over for now.” In 1952 the Lodge borrowed $300 from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund to assist in painting the exterior. Major renovation work on the Lodge Room occurred in the mid-sixties. The Hall Committee managed the project and few details of the work appear in the Lodge Minutes. Interviews with current Brethren verify that the work involved extending the Lodge Room by reducing the storage area behind the East Wall and relocating the kitchen area to a space between the Ante Room and Preparation Room. Brethren report that the change was prompted in part by an earlier fire in the old kitchen area. (Interviews W.Bro. Gerald Cornish and V.W.Bro. Harding Boulter, September 16, 1999) The renovation work also involved improvements in the lower level. There is indication in the Minutes that a Winter Works Application was approved to assist with funding for the project. (Minutes, October 17, 1963) M.W.Bro. Errol Stetson PGM served as chairman of the renovation project which was completed in 1965.

The Hall Company completed a major expansion project in 1988. The work involved an extension to the lower level to provide greater retail space for commercial tenants. Home Hardware which currently rents the lower level wanted to purchase the Hall in 1984 so the decision to expand the facility may have been in response to the needs of the retailer. W.Bro. Garnet MacLean, Worshipful Master and W.Bro. Douglas Smith, Treasurer, were appointed to work with the Hall Committee on the project. The Lodge Room was not altered. The Company borrowed approximately $60,000 for the work.

As a result of the cost of expansion a new rental agreement was set by the Hall Company providing for an annual increase of 4% in rent charges. In 1997 the tenants on the ground level paid $16, 800 annually while Corinthian Lodge paid $ 400 for use of the second level. King Solomon Chapter paid rent to the Lodge.

Corinthian Lodge No. 19
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Corinthian Lodge No. 19
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