The many beautiful appointments in the Lodge Room are testimony to the fine craftsmanship of local citizens including some of the Brethren. The Altar was built by a local carpenter and dedicated on October 8, 1951 to the memory of W.Bro. Edward Earl MacDonald whose death on September 15, 1951 was the first one recorded in Corinthian Lodge. The Altar was dedicated by the Grand Chaplain, V.W.Bro. E.C. Evans. The Lodge Library is housed in a cabinet that was built in 1994 by W.Bro. Walter Bernard PM of Mount Moriah Lodge No. 15. A memorial donation from the family of M.W.Bro. Errol Stetson PGM covered the cost of materials. Bro. Bernard donated the labour. Corinthian Lodge invited Bro. Bernard to a Regular Communication on April 20, 1995 and presented him with a plaque in appreciation of his craftsmanship. In making the presentation W.Bro. George Dewar PM invested Bro Bernard with the name ‘Raboni’, the title that King Solomon used for his master craftsman during the building of the Temple. The emblems on the front of each Lodge Station were also crafted by Bro. Bernard and were presented to the Lodge in December 21, 1995. The pedestals that support the three Lesser Lights were crafted by W.Bro. Lloyd MacWilliams PM in memory of deceased Brethren. The Gavel was also crafted by Bro. MacWilliams in 1984 from Amaranth Wood donated by W.Bro. Roger Eaton, a member of Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star in Nova Scotia. (Minutes of Sept. 27, 1984) The large hooked rug that features the working tools of the Blue Lodge and is displayed in front of the Worshipful Master’s station was made by Patricia (Boates) James and presented by her father, M.W.Bro. Randall Boates PGM, on March 21, 1996. (Bro. Boates attended only one Communication following the presentation before his death on May 15, 1996.)

Corinthian Lodge established its own Masonic Library early in its history. The initiative began with a gift of money from W.Bro. Gerald Sheen in May, 1952. A gift of books was soon added by W.Bro. Swabie A. Ward of United States and later in 1952 W.Bro. George Dewar PM donated three Masonic books. In 1962 a Masonic Encyclopaedia was presented to the Lodge by W.Bro. Albert Higgs of United States. In March, 1994 the widow of W.Bro. Arthur Brisebois presented The Brotherhood by Steven MacNight as a memorial to her late husband. Mrs. Brisbois also presented a Masonic Altar Bible in memory of Bro. Brisebois. The Bible has replaced on the Altar the original one presented by the Grand Lodge in 1951.

Several beautiful adornments in the Lodge Room were purchased by individual Brethren and donated to the Lodge. The blue tapestries that adorn the corners of the Lodge Room and the Tracing Boards displayed near the Treasurer’s desk were donated by W.Bro. Arthur Brisebois PM on September 27, 1984. W.Bro. Ord Sharpe donated the picture of the Queen in 1964.