In April 1955 by Mr. Alexis MacQuaid moved the building to a lot further east on the south side of the Garfield Road. Total cost of the project including a cement foundation was $268. Bro. Lester MacRae loaned a sum of money to the Lodge and $1500 was borrowed from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund for twelve years at 4% (Proceedings, 1955 p.33) The first Communication at the new site was on May 5, 1955. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Kenneth MacRae.

The Lodge operated at the new site for seven years. The Minutes for the period reflect a heavy schedule of Degree work and a record of building repairs indicative of an old and uninviting building. In 1955-56 eleven new members were admitted matching the record set in 1922 as the largest increase for one year. W.Bro. Daniel R. Cummings was the Worshipful Master in 1957-58 when the Lodge recorded its largest total membership at seventy-six including seventeen Life Members. The five new Brethren added in that year were Lloyd Furness, Richard L. Jenkins, William Henry Compton, Roy Herman and Hugh Robbins. The Lodge Room was redecorated in 1958 and floor covering was added in 1961. The roof was shingled in 1959.

In 1962 the Lodge celebrated fifty years of work. W.Bro. Perley Drake was the Worshipful Master and W.Bro. Ernest MacLeod PM chaired the Committee that arranged an Anniversary Supper for June 26. The Supper was catered by the Eldon Legion Auxiliary. The most significant decision by the Brethren in 1962 was to abandon the old Lodge building and to relocate in a newer Lodge Room. In May 1962 W.Bro. Stanley Morrison and Bro. Lloyd Furness were appointed to “investigate the purchase of Eldon United Church.”

On November 1, 1962 a Special Communication was called to decide on the purchase of the building in Eldon formerly used as a United Church. Ten Brethren were present. After the terms of sale were shared a motion was approved to inspect the building. The Brethren returned and “unanimously decided to purchase same for $500.” A collection was taken in the Lodge Room and $490 was received.

In the autumn of 1962 Mizpah Lodge was relocated to the fifth site in fifty years. The last Brethren raised in the old Lodge Room were Bro. James Halliday and Bro. Darrell Jenkins. W.Bro. Norman Thompson PM of St. George’s Lodge conferred the Master Mason Degree on November 8. The final Communication in the old Hall that had served the Lodge for forty-three years was held on December 6, 1962. A Petition for membership was received from Dr. John M. Gillis. The first Communication in the present Lodge Room was held on January 6, 1963 with W.Bro. Lloyd Martin as Worshipful Master. Twenty-four Brethren were present. A Petition for membership was received from Arnold MacLeod. A decision was made to advertize the old Hall for $1000. In August 1963 an offer of $200 was accepted. (Mr. Leon Nicholson presently resides on the site where the old Hall was situated.) In 1962 the Lodge had a balance of $1100 owing on the 1955 Loan from Grand Lodge.

Mizpah Lodge No. 17
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Mizpah Lodge No. 17,