The Worshipful Masters during the decade of unprecedented change were:

1978 W.Bro. Clive Pickles 1979 W.Bro. George Doughart
1980 W.Bro. Benjamin. Bears 1981 W.Bro. Allison Drake
1982 W.Bro. Donald Judson 1983 W.Bro. Duncan Wilson
1984 W.Bro. Arthur Jones 1985 W.Bro. Darrell Jenkins
1986 W.Bro. Irwin Judson 1987 W.Bro. Winston Smith

In a period of less than one year the Lodge held Memorial Services for two members whose years in Masonry totalled approximately one hundred and forty. W.Bro. Wilfrid MacLean deceased in December 1989 in his ninety-ninth year. Bro. MacLean was born in April 1891. He was raised on June 10, 1919 and served as Worshipful Master in 1925. Bro. MacLean received his seventy-year Bar from M.W.Bro. Willard Nicholson on October 29, 1989 in a visit at his home in Orwell Cove. Also in attendance for the presentations were Worshipful Master, Bro. Paul Drake, Senior Warden, Bro. E.G. (Tim) Arsenault, and Junior Warden, Bro. Harold Stewart. W.Bro. John Robert Ross was born in November 15 , 1889. He was raised in 1921 and served as Worshipful Master in 1944. His Memorial Service was conducted at the MacLean Funeral Home on December 5, 1990.

The Lodge celebrated its Eightieth Anniversary in 1992 with W.Bro. Larry MacWilliams as Worshipful Master and W.Bro. George Doughart PM as chairman of the Anniversary Committee. Seventeen Past Masters attended the Past Masters’ Night on May 14. The Annual Lobster Supper was held on June 17 with ninety-five in attendance. The guest speaker was Sister Helen Herring, Past Grand Matron and member of Crystal Chapter No. 1 Order of the Eastern Star in Charlottetown. The event marked the first time that a member of Eastern Star had addressed a Masonic gathering in this Jurisdiction. A record attendance for Mizpah Lodge was established on October 29 when M.W.Bro. J. Winston Cousins made his Official Visit and one hundred Freemasons answered the Roll Call.

The Visitation of the Grand Master on August 18, 1994 was a memorable occasion for the Brethren assembled. As the Grand Master was entering the Lodge some floor joists collapsed and the Lodge Room floor settled several inches. After M.W.Bro. Malcolm Patterson was introduced the Brethren took seats “near the walls” and they met “on the level” except for their feet.