The latest Lodge Room was dedicated on September 26, 1963 during the Regular Visitation of Grand Lodge. Seventy-eight Brethren witnessed the Dedication Ceremony conducted by M.W.Bro. A.E. Lavers assisted by his Grand Lodge Officers. M.W.Bro. Lavers visited again on November 28 to install the new Worshipful Master, Bro. Roy Herman, and his Officers for 1964. On February 27, 1964 M.W.Bro. Lavers was present to dedicate the Altar Bible that was presented to Mizpah Lodge by the Brethren of Saint Andrew’s Lodge. A Flag presented by the widow of Bro. Watson Bishop was also dedicated on that occasion. Other gifts for the new Lodge Room included a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II presented by Bro. Arthur Cantelo (March 1964) and a sign for the exterior donated by Mr. William Martin and Bro. Channing Deacon of Rural Lodge in Quincy, Massachusetts (August 1965).

The change of Lodge Rooms brought a new set of maintenance demands that may have left the Brethren wondering what had been gained. For the second time in four years the cost of shingling a roof was approved. Finding an effective heating system took two decades. Propane heaters were added but the lack of proper ventilation was an irritation. In 1976 consideration was given to renting the Uigg Communty Centre in the Winter months. (Minutes, November 4, 1976) As a short-term solution the propane heaters were turned off during each Communication and electric heaters were activated. (Minutes, February 3, 1976) An unexpected source of ventilation was found in 1968 when a government snow blower blew out some of the Lodge windows. Bro. Richard MacRae repaired the damage and the cost was recovered.

The success of the Anniversary Supper in 1962 prompted the Lodge to continue holding an annual Lobster Supper. A ticket for the supper at the Eldon Legion in 1968 cost $2.50. The Minutes do not indicate why the practise was discontinued after 1970.

The Brethren helped to celebrate the Centennial of Grand Lodge in the Jurisdiction in 1975 with the re-enactment of an old custom.. The Worshipful Master, Bro. Harold P. Smith, arrived for the Regular Communication on June 19 in a carriage driven by Bro. Clive Pickles. Moments later the carriage delivered the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Nestor Shewchuk, in full Regalia as the Brethren assembled outside to catch a glimpse of earlier times.

W.Bro. Ernest MacLeod PM and W.Bro. Sinclair MacTavish PM were appointed to write a history of the Mizpah Lodge for the 1975 Centennial of Grand Lodge (Minutes, October 8, 1970) On the occasion of the Grand Master’s Visit on June 19, a history of the Lodge was shared by Bro. Gordon Worth.

During the decade beginning in 1978 the Lodge experienced the most active period in its history. The period was marked by projects to improve the structure of the building, donations and purchases of furnishings and paraphernalia to enhance the Lodge Room, initiatives in the program and governance of the Lodge and the addition of twenty-eight new members.